Hello Spring!

Hello! Yesterday, i just went around my apartment building and played with my children. We just took a fresh air after a week stayed only at home. The weather was so nice, the sun shone so bright, it was warm but the wind blow nicely also. What a perfect weather to enjoy the day.

As we went outside, the beauty of spring greeted us directly. We saw so many blooming flowers, the tree were also green again. A perfect time to relax from our routine. The winter passed already and the spring replaced its place. Even though each season has its own beauty, but my favorite is always spring, because it’s just like waking up after long sleep. It’s time to rise and shine!

While i was enjoying my outside moment yesterday, i took a deep breath and felt so thankful for the beauty that i saw. I will share some picture also, so all of you who read this blog, are able to enjoy it also.

I know this is probably not an easy time for us since the pandemic and lock down things, but this time makes me count my blessing, that i’ve received in my life, more than before, and i realize how blessed i am. I am still healthy and i have something to eat everyday. I believe there are a lot of people suffer out there because they lost their job during this pandemic time. Probably they don’t have something to eat tomorrow. This happens in my home country. Luckily some people, who are more wealthier and stable, makes some movements to help others who need help. What i can do is just support their movement by giving donation. So what are you thankful for today?

Together we can survive this moment if we lend our hands to help each others. You and i are not alone! Together we are stronger! It will not last forever. Just like the spring comes and replace winter. The winter surely will come again, but at least we have time to prepare for it. So be strong dear people! Just close your eyes, forget about the pandemic, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beauty of spring! God bless you all!


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