Together We Can!

In this hard time, i made this clip to encourage people who struggle a lot to survive. This is in Indonesian language, but i also made English translation for it. Here it is :


Life is full of surprises.

Sometimes it is a happy things, but the other times could be a sad one.

We can laugh at a moment, and a second later we cry a lot.

There is a moment when the night seems so long, like the morning won’t come.

Like there is only darkness, the light won’t shine.

It is so cold, the warmth of sunrise won’t greet.

The peaceful day vanish, it turns to storm.

Just like nowadays…the hope seems gone, replaced by worries and fear.

You don’t have to force yourself to laugh when the only things you want to do is crying.

No need to force your lips to smile, when your heart is drowning.

What we need to put in our mind is that

Nothing will last forever in this world

Everything has its own time

Like the spring comes and replaces the winter.

Hang on… that’s what we need to do.

When my foot are strong enough to stand, i will lend my hand to reach you.

You and me are not alone, we can overcome this! Together we walk through this situation.

Together we can!

Please hang on! All will be good! All shall pass! God bless us all! Stay safe n healthy!

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