Hello everyone! Last week my eldest daughter learnt how to swim. She joined a swimming course for five days. I think it’s an important skill that she must able to master because it’s one of the survival kit. I can’t protect her every time. At least if she can swimm, she will know what to do when she is surrounded with water and not being panic.

At the beginnning, she was afraid and a little bit panic, but after some times, she managed to control her anxiety and could overcome it. At the first time, as a parent, i had an instinct to help her, but then i realized that some times we have to let our children learn how to survive. We don’t always have to help them and let them try.

At the end i am the one who learn about survival. As a parent, i don’t want to see my children suffering from anything for sure. But in reality, i won’t always be with them for the rest of their life. They have to be equipped with survival kit. This survival kit won’t be built if we always help them. Some times we have to have a strong heart to see them struggling in order to build strong characters so that they are able to overcome any obstacles of their life later. This is something that money can’t buy.

We have to let them try something, give them courage and support, always be there whenever they need us, but first of all LET THEM DO IT ALL BY THEMSELVES. We have to control ourselves not always to interfere or give instruction or criticize the way they do something. This is not easy, since we might have more experiences and perhaps we want them to do the way we do as we know how the result will be in our way. We as a parent are the one who control ourselves first, but when they are in danger, we have to move quickly to help them. By doing things alone by themselves, they will learn a lot of things, such as problem solving, persistency, how to manage their emotion, independency, self confidence, etc, these are important survival kits for their future to face real life challenges.

Yes, it is never easy to be a parent. Not only the children who learn something everyday, but also we, as a parent, also learn something. So to all parents in the world, i just want to say : Fighting!

Have a nice day everyone 😊.


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