Hello everyone! I know some of you may get tired of reading the news about Corona Virus everyday. It dominates our headlines. The fear that it brings is like an endless nightmare. At the first time, i don’t want to read any news for some times because it is so scary, but until it reaches the country where i live now, i become more aware of this things and concern now. The fear of having this virus is not bother me anymore, because i know that a lot of people recover from it. What makes me more scared is when i am the carrier and others get infected because of me!!

So i want to build awareness of this virus. Here are some symptoms of it.

If you feel unwell or having symptoms like these, please call the Corona’s hotline center in your country. Use the face mask. For the other people. Here is some things that you can do to prevent this disease.

If this virus already in you country, you have to be alert! Please do whatever suggestion that your government gives, such as social distancing, and so on. This is so important since it is so contagious. Two infected people could be thousand in only 2-3 weeks if the people underestimate it! If the number of infected people already reach hundred, then it’s time to do self isolation if you are possible to do it, reduce going to a crowded place as you can, wash your hand often, take care of your own hygiene. This social distancing and self isolation are really effective to reduce the risk of being infected or infect others. You may safe your life and also others by doing it! Yes i know it’s so boring to stay all time at home, but it does save life! So please thinking about yourself and others life, especially your elders family before you do something !

It only needs two weeks in the country which i live now to be locked down since the cases increased so dramatically high. From 2 people to 3000 now in only 1 month. Almost 100.000 people lost their jobs because of the country has been locked down. The impact is not only in social health, but also economic. So…this is so serious guys! In Italy n Spain even more worse, the health system is collapsed. They can’t even handle the Corona patients more since too many people are infected.

So… I would like to ask all of people who read this, please do your part, do something that you can to break the chain of infection by doing social distancing only for a while to stop this pandemic. It starts from ourselves, we can influence others and be an agent of change. You don’t have to be panic or scared but be alert and care more! This disease can be cured, but if a lot of people get sick in a time, how can your country manage to help them? There will be no enough place for the sick people, even more there will be no medical team who can take care of them or even your self! Please….. please concern about this condition! Please do what we can, do our part to help the government and all the medical teams! Don’t wait until the situation become worse, just do your part!

Stay safe and healthy dear people! God bless us all!

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