This is not the end of my blog, just a thought that came to my mind when i saw my old shoes which are broken already. I’ve saved it for a while even though it is broken, because it has a deep meaning for me, since these are my favorite shoes. Beside of it, these shoes have accompanied me through the good times and the saddest time in my life. I used these shoes at my father’s funeral, and also it was there when i knew that i was pregnant for the second time. So it has its own precious meaning for me. But it’s time to let it go, otherwise it will become garbage in my house.

Letting go of something or even someone is an important part of our life that will happen soon or later. I am sure that it’s hard to be done. But keeping something that should be gone, will create “garbage” in our life that could disturb our life’s harmony. These garbages could be our anger, hatred, disappointment, pain, etc that we keep holding it because we don’t know how to let it go or these garbage sometimes give us power or motive to do something, just like fuel to the machine. But keep holding it will decay our life. So we should be aware first of these life garbages and find a way to let it go. Mostly we need to forgive the person that hurt us to let these garbage away from our life. How to forgive someone? Just find the love more instead of hatred in your life, and fill your heart with love, then you have no space for something negative more in your heart. I have written a blog also how to forgive in my “Forgive The Unforgotten” blog.

The other things that hard to let go is the one that we love. It could be someone who leaves us, or the death of the people who we love. The pain will stay for a long period of time until we are really ready to let them go. For this things, i just want to say, according to my experience, we have to realize that nothing last forever in this life. It means that everything will come to an ending, either we are ready or not. What we could keep is just the beautiful memories of them so that they will still live in our mind. Their body will disappear but their soul will stay in our memories. We also have to continue our life till we reach our own finish line. So live our life and more of it, create more beautiful memories with our beloved people that still live. The past will be memories, but the present is a gift that should be enjoyed, that why they call it PRESENT.

Have a nice weekend people, good bye my shoes, thanks for accompanying me through the good and bad times.

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