A Note for Life

When we think to give up after so much failure, just give one more chance to try, the result could be our success.

If we feel so tired to keep trying and lose our hope, just take a break for a while to refill the positive energy. Just take our time to take a rest. After some refreshment, we will gain our strength to fight again.

A way will be opened if we keep trying and believing, so never lose our hope.

If we thought that our efforts are useless, remember to be patient. Just like a tree which seems to be died in winter, but it will grow again in spring, so will be our effort, since nothing is useless if we try our best.

When trouble and problem won’t leave us in peace, keep calm and remember that shiny day is waiting for us, like sunshine will come after the rain.

When we lose our confidence, just remember that every human being is precious and special, just like the flowers beautify the world with its presence.

We can’t change our past, neither can we turn back time, but we can define a better future for ourselves by being a better person in present time.

Just be ourselves because each of us is special, since none exactly like us in this world.

Keep doing goodness even though the world seems against you, cause one day the goodness will come back to you.

When we feel sad or full of pressured, it’s fine to cry. Laugh when you happy.6It’s not a sin, it’s a representation of our emotion that need to be admitted and respected.

Failure is much way better than never trying. At least we know the result rather than being regretted because we keep wondering what will the result be.

Your smile is your precious jewelry that also could bring joy and happiness to others.

Making mistake is a process of life that teach you how to be a better person.

Think before act, because some things that we do couldn’t be undo.

To be able to forgive someone, we have to be able to forgive ourselves first.

Money couldn’t buy happiness. A grateful heart is the source of happiness in life.

There are a lot of things that money couldn’t buy, the most important of it is time, so live your life in the present and create high quality time.

The warmest blanket in this world is not made from the super high quality of wool, but it’s just a hug.

Each big things will always be followed by a big responsibility, so preparing ourselves to deal with it.

We can feel love, be loved and love someone if we already love ourselves first.

The best gift for your children is not a fancy toys, it is your presence.

The best remedy is a joyful heart.

A positive mind will produce a positive attitude, and finally will create positive life.

What makes us human is humanity, so in order to being human, we have to keep our humanity.

Arrogance is the beginning of downfall. Underestimating someone will lead you to unawareness.

It’s only need a second to destroy trust, and a whole life time to build it again.

In order to be respected, we have to learn to respect others first.

The ingredients to create a harmony in our life are loving ourselves, respecting others, living the present, a good rest, eating good food, praying, and positive mind.

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