The Perfect Parents

For me, the most difficult job in this world is being parents. It’s full of responsibility and need a lot of hardworking to make a human being becomes a good person in the future.  The most difficult part of being a parent for me is giving a good example for my children, since they always imitate what i do. For example, i told my daughter not to scream or yell when she is angry, but sometimes i yell at her when i lose my control. She just imitates what i did, doesn´t she? So should we be the perfect parents first to raise the children? How to be a perfect one? What is perfect parents actually??

I am sure that you can find the answer through the parenting books that you can find easily in the bookstore or in some articles that easily found by googling. I learn from their tips also. I certainly do my best for being a parent, but sometimes the more i read, the more i feel guilty because of my imperfection of parenting. Sometimes i feel they judge me also for being such a bad parents according to their articles or theory of parenting. The more guilty i am, the more unhappy i am, and this is dangerous because unhappy parents will bring up an unhappy child or even family. So what should i do??

Of course, we ever lose our temper. After a hard tough day, maybe at work or just a bad luck that we experience that day, it´s so hard sometimes to deal with our children, especially when they misbehave. We may yell at them, or even say something bad that we regret it later. We all are just an imperfect person who make mistake. Of course, we need to learn from the expert how to be a good parent, but sometimes it´s so hard to apply it in our family. What we did is just giving a bad example to our children or making mistake in parenting.

From my experience, mistake could be an important part of learning. Why is mistake becomes so important? We all just imperfect person that surely could make a mistake in our life. It´s so impossible to avoid making mistake for the whole of our life, so it´s so humanly. It´s fine to make a mistake, and the children also learn that they could make a mistake in their life and it´s okay. The important things after making some mistakes are self introspection, admitting our mistake, fixing it and learning to be a better person. Wise parents doesn´t mean that they haven´t made any mistake in parenting at all. Wise parents are they who learn from their mistake to be better parents. For me, the best teacher is not all of the theories that have been written by the expert, it is our own experience. Since theory is just a theory that probably may not always suitable to our condition, so our experiences or other parent´s experiences could taught more than just theory. 

I believe every sane parent in this world want to give their best to their children. So when we lose ourselves sometimes and make a mistake, the first thing that we should do is forgiving ourselves and then learn from our mistake to be a better parent. Don´t be so hard or ourselves and always blame or even judges ourselves as a bad parent for making mistake. What really matter is that we regret making mistake and learn from it to be a better person in the future so that the same mistake won´t happen again. It will also provide a good example for our children, so they will learn that making mistake is not an unforgivable sin, it is not the end of the world, too, but it´s a part of learning that we all will experience it to be a better person.

Have a blessed day everyone !! 🙂family



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