The Perfect Time for Everything

Hello everyone! First of all, i would like to say happy new year to all of you. 2018 already went away, now it´s time for 2019. I wish you a wonderful year and all the best in 2019. I really feel that 2018 was a wonderful and great year for me. It could be one of the best year in my life. I published my book and gave a birth to my second daughter in 2018. I feel so grateful for all of the blessing and experiences that have made me becoming a better person. I do hope i will be better and better person in 2019.

As 2018 has left us, A thought comes in my mind. Everything has its own time to be happened. Sometimes we just have to wait for a short time or a long unexpected time for something to be happened, all we need is just patience. I have a story about this perfect time.

My second daughter was born with hematoma in her head, she had an egg size of bump on her head. Unluckily this caused severe Jaundice and the level of bilirubin was so high (it reached 27 at the first time we stayed at the hospital), so she needed an intensive phototherapy immediately at that time. If the phototherapy didn´t work, she needed blood transfusion. This severe Jaundice could lead to serious complication for our daughter health if it wasn´t treated correctly. We were shock at the first time, we noticed that our daughter was getting more yellow than when she came home for the first time, but we didn´t even thought that it would be so dangerous for our daughter.

So at that day, without any preparation, I and my second daughter had to stay at the hospital and my daughter received an intensive phototherapy from both side (up and down) for a night. Luckily, the phototherapy worked, so she didn´t need blood transfusion, but it took a long time before she allowed to leave the hospital. I thought that we just had to stay around 3 nights at the hospital since she showed a great progress with phototherapy. At the fourth day, the level of bilirubin became higher again because the night before, she didn´t get any therapy to see whether her condition was stable or not. Because of it, we weren´t allowed to discharge from the hospital and had to stay for more days. I was frustrated at that time, my body has not been recovered from delivery and it was a hard time to stay alone with my baby without any help from others. I have to breastfeed also and didn´t have enough time to sleep. I just wished that we could come home as soon as possible. I missed my first daughter a lot also, because we have never been apart for more than a night!! I asked the doctor when we were allowed to leave the hospital or is that anything that we could do to speed up the healing process, but he told me to be patience, what we needed was just time, my baby needed time so that her body could heal herself. They could allow us to leave the hospital that time, but it would be useless since we should come back if the level of bilirubin got higher again at the next day. We couldn´t let our baby to have any sunbathing also since it was winter and the sunshine was rare to find.

So i thought that as long as the hematoma was there, we would never leave the hospital. I prepared my heart that we would stay more than two weeks at that hospital, but unfortunately this thought really broke my heart. I tried so hard to think something positive so i didn´t depressed. I remembered that the doctor said that what my baby needed was just this UV light, she didn´t have to be operated or she didn´t need a medicine that hard to be find also. The other doctor also told us that another baby was weaker than our when the level of bilirubin reached more than 21, normally, the other baby just slept and didn´t want to drink. Thanks God, my baby drank a lot and was still active also, so her life wasn´t in danger. This thought made me feel better, so i tried to be patient and kept thinking positively. What important for me is that my daughter´s life wasn´t in danger.

After a week, she showed more great progress. Her condition became more stable and the bump on her head became smaller. At the ninth day, we were allowed to leave the hospital and we didn´t have to come back because she was really recovered. It was the perfect time for us to leave the hospital. Iperfect time thought that if we came home earlier, there was a possibility that we had to came back to stay at the hospital because her condition wasn´t stable that time. After a long waiting with a lot of patience, we got a wonderful result, so i believe that everything has its own time to be happened.  If we were patient enough to wait, we will see a great things happen in our life. Just like the cold of winter that will not last forever and the warmth of spring will replace the cold, or just like there will be a rainbow after a stormy rain. Just keep thinking positively and be grateful, so that our heart will be delighted in a long period of waiting. At the end, all of the hard work and tears will be paid equally, so keep hanging on for those who still hoping and waiting for something good in your life. Pray for it and believe that it will happen at the perfect time in our life.


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