A Warrior of Life

Every living human being is a warrior, a true warrior. We were born and alive, we have been struggling to come out from our mother´s womb and we were survived. So we could be proud of our selves. I could say this because I see how my second daughter fight to come to this world through a natural birth (two weeks ago). She also struggle with her jaundice (the score was so high, 27 at the first check) because she had Hematoma (a solid sweeling of clotted blood within the tissues in her head). It is not a serious medical problem, and it will be gone through the time, but it is affecting her health condition and causing high bilirubin in her blood. So we have to stay more than a week in hospital again after we were dismissed from it last week.

How my daughter struggling with her condition, makes me realize that since we were baby, we have struggled. Sometimes we forgot how to struggle because this world always offers instant things of solving something or dealing with something. So we are used to think and search for something instantly. We forgot how to struggle through hard time, and sometimes we prefer to surrender because we don´t know how to struggle anymore.

The other words that we forgot beside struggling, are patience and persistency. All struggles need patience and persistency to be conquered. If we just give up easily, surely we will always lose and be a loser. But if we keep on trying and being patience to see the result, I believe something good must be waiting for us. Just like there will be a rainbow after the rain.

As I said before, we were born with a fighting instinct inside us. It will be stronger if we practice to use it, not just pampering ourselves with something easy or instant. Every people must have their own problem, own hard time, but the true warriors are they who deal with their problem and hard time by not easily giving up on it. There must be a time when the situation are getting even worse so that we don´t have any more strength to fight or even hold on. It´s okay to take a distance or rest from it for a while, to gain our strength, it´s okay to take our time for a wswordhile, then after that we are ready to fight again. There is no instant warrior, because true warriors are built through a lot of practice and strong will.

So, if you are losing something in your life and starting to think that you are a loser in life, just remember that you were born alive, and you were already a warrior when you entered this world. You just have to train your warrior instinct once again, keep your mind positive, being patient, and keep on trying. I believe there will be no loser in this world, if we keep training our warrior instinct. Just remember, something good will wait for us at the end. Not all of the instant things is good, but some best things that are really worth it to be fought require hard work, persistency, and also patience. So keep fighting everyone and have a blessed day.

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