The First Lesson to Learn

Today, as usual, i delivered my first daughter to her kindergarten at 8.10 am, and after that my husband also went to his office, so it was just me and my second daughter at our home again. After i fed her, she felt asleep peacefully and i love to watch her. That makes me feel peaceful, sometimes i feel sleepy, too.

As i watched her slept, i realized something, she always clenches her fists while she sleeps. Actually not only when she sleeps, but almost all the time, my baby clenches her fists. This clenched fist has a deep meaning for me. It means that at this time, she only knows how to receive from her parents, her sister, and her environment. She certainly will get anything that she needs from us without complaining the size, the color, the amount, because she only knows how to receive.

This is the first things that human beings learn, receiving something from their environment. As the time goes by, we will grow up. At some phase of life, when we already receive anything that we need from our environment, then we will learn the next lesson of life. Just like when we fill a glass with water, when the glass is full of water, the water will flow out of the glass. We don´t always clench our fist. We will start to open our hands to other, because we learn the other precious lesson in human relationship, that called giving. This is a sign of maturity. We start to give or share what we have to others who need it.

But sometimes, there is a crack in our glass that makes us only want to take from our environment, because we never feel satisfy. This crack could be caused by a wound in our heart, something that hurt us in the past, something that created a black hole that hasn´t been healed. To cure this wound, we have to know what the source is. It could be a broken relationship, lack of affection or attention in our childhood, rejection, unfinished business in the past, or anything that makes our soul suffered. We have to make a peace with all of those things to heal our soul. When our inner self heal, we will be ready to learn how to give.

Giving has its own beauty. Sometimes we think that we will lose something by giving. Yes, it is, we will lose something, but if we give something for the goods of others, we will receive much more than we give, that called happiness. So, don´t forget to open our hand to give, after we receive a lot of things from our environment, then we will find a harmony in our life.

God bless you all 🙂

tiny little fist that makes me realize the lesson of life

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