Warsaw, Poland

Hello everyone, in this blog, i would like to share something about the city which i and my family visited two weeks ago. It´s Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. It´s a big and beautiful city actually. It was destroyed because of world war, but the city had been beautifully rebuilt. You can see some ancient part of the city, but it´s not originally made, it was rebuilt.

We took a flight from Vienna to Warsaw with Austrian Airlines. It only took one hour to reach Warsaw. You have to change the currency first when you reach Warsaw, because they don´t use Euro as their currency, they use Zloty (1 Euro is equaled with around 4 Zloty). The Warsaw Chopin Airport itself is located inside the Warsaw city. The public transportation that can be used during your trip in Warsaw are buses, trams, and taxies. The taxi fares is started from 8 Zloty and each km will be charged 2,40 Zloty. It is cheaper than in Austria for sure. There are a lot of hotels available, but we chose to stay in a rent apartment nearby the airport (around 15 minutes driving from airport).

I like the food in Warsaw, it is actually tastier than the food in Austria, i think they use more spices. The food price is also cheaper than Austria, for main course, the price is around 5 till 8 Euro, in Austria, normally main course will cost more than 10 Euro in a restaurant. The traditional food that easily can be found is like dumplings, which can be filled with something salty like meat, spinach, mushroom, or something sweet like strawberry. It is called Pierogi. I like it, it´s delicious for me, since i like dumplings a lot. The various kind of salad are also nice to try, delicious! There are for sure another delicious traditional food, but since we just tried Pierogi and Gulasch (you can find Gulasch also in Austria), i can´t share more about food.

Besides of the food, i also like the atmosphere of this city. The city is quite clean and somehow it brings peace. Poland is actually a Catholic country, so you can easily find churches everywhere. There are a lot of parks for children to play or just for relaxing also They have a huge park in the center of the city which is called Lazienski Park. You can find birds, squirrels, ducks, even peacocks are there. Here are some photos of Lazienski Park….

If you are going to visit the old town, you will find a monument of the war first before you reach the old town. Then you will found the market square, the mermaid statue, Sigismund´s column, royal castle, presidential palace, university of Warsaw, etc. It´s really a beautiful city to be visited. Here are some photos of the old town….

Although it is a beautiful and big city, but we also found some difficulties there. Since we don´t speak Polish and the people rarely speak English also, it´s hard to communicate with the people. Even the officer in the train or at the ticket counter in the train station speak rarely English, but some young people and waitress in the old town can speak English. The other problem is the ticket machine for tram that you find at the street sometimes doesn´t sell ticket, so you have to buy it at the magazine stall or inside the train. The longest ticket is only valid for 75 minutes, so if your destination is near, my suggestion is buy some short tickets for the duration of 20 minutes. It´s also nice to walk in this city because there are a lot of interesting buildings to be seen.

At the end, after i visited this city, i realized one thing. No matter how severe the damage happened in our life, we still can rebuilt our life with a new better life if we want. We just have to stand up, and also move one. Some old part in our life should be destroyed also, so that we have enough spaces to build a better one. Rebuilding something could take a longer time, but the things that would be rebuilt, could be even better or more beautiful than the old one. Just keep positive and keep moving forward!

Have a nice day everyone!




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