The Greatest of All

Once upon a time, there were some animals in the jungle, which were arguing about who the greatest among them was. There were elephant, panther, monkey, eagle, and mouse. They all wanted to be the king in the jungle, and the king should be an animal which was greatest among other. Since the elephant was the biggest among others, he said, “I am the biggest of all in this jungle, i should be the king. I also have the greatest power among all of you also. So i can protect all of you from danger.” The panther was quite disagree, so she said, “No, i am the fastest of all, i am strong also, i am more qualified to be the king.”

The other animals unfortunately were also disagree, especially the monkey, so he said, “No, yoNew-Jungle-Backgrounds-Viewu are wrong! To be a king, you should have a brilliant brain, i am the smartest among all, so i have to be the king.” The eagle said, “Yeah! but you are so weak, you can´t even protect yourself or your colony when there is a danger, i can fly high, and i am also strong, so i should be the king.” The mouse just sat down and heard all of it. She knew that she wasn´t the right candidate to be a king since she was small and fragile, but she was quite wise, so she proposed something to them, in order to stop the debate among them.

“How if we prove it by making a competition, the winner would be the king of this jungle.” said the mouse. The other animals saw her with no idea in their mind, but it seemed like they were agree with the mouse, since it was the fair way to prove who the greatest was. “I will arrange the competition tomorrow, you just prepare your best for tomorrow.” said the mouse again. The other animals were agree to meet again at the same place tomorrow. So they went home and prepared themselves for the competition.

The mouse thought hard to arrange the competition that should be fair for all. She didn´t have any idea actually, so she took a walk and sat down nearby the river. Suddenly, a big old turtle came by and sat beside the mouse. “Why do you look so confuse, little fellow?” asked the turtle. “I have to arrange a competition to prove who the greatest among the other animals, but i came up with no idea till now.” answered the mouse. The big turtle smiled and he said, “I have some ideas.” then the turtle whispered at the mouse´s ears to explain about his idea. The mouse smiled after she heard the idea and she was totally agree with the turtle.

“How could you think about that brilliant idea?” asked the mouse. “I already live more than hundred years. I saw a lot of things and i have learnt from it. I also know each character of the other animals in this jungle, that´s why i came up with that idea.” answered the turtle and then he left the mouse who was still sat and amazed about how wise the turtle was.

The next day came, the sun shone brightly, it was really a perfect day to match. All animals who wanted to be the king had already gathered at the meeting point. They were still arguing who would be the winner, while they were waiting for the mouse. After several times, the mouse came and asked them to be quiet. She explained about how the competition would be, “The competition will be held in five rounds, one of you who win the most rounds, will be the king of this jungle.” All animals were agree.

Then the competition began. The first round would be a power battle. They should broke a tree into pieces in one trial. The elephant was so sure that he would win this round. With all of his power, he kick a tree and the tree was easily broke into two pieces. He laughed so hard and felt overconfidence after his performance. The other animals tried so hard, but they were failed to broke the tree, so the winner was, as predicted, the elephant.

The next round was the speed battle. All of the animals should reach the meadow as fast as they could, the fastest would be the winner. The panther felt so confidence that she would win the race. After the whistle was blown, the panther ran as fast as she could. As she predicted, she ran faster than the others. She was the first one who reached the meadow and she left the others far behind her. Since she was the fastest, she was the winner of the second round.

The third round would be an intelligent battle. They should burn the dry branches that had been prepared to make a fire. The elephant tried to rub two branches to produce fire, but it didn´t work. The panther tried to use two stone and rub it to each other, but it didn´t work also. The eagle tried to use his beak and rubbed it on a stone, but it didn´t work also. The monkey knew the other way, he used a stone which can reflect the sunshine and he pointed it at the branches. In some minutes, there was smoke and the branches was burnt. As the monkey the one who succeed, he became the winner of this round.

At the next battle, they should cross the river without getting wet. The elephant tried to jump on the rocks, but he felt into the river because the rocks were slippery. The panther run as fast as she could and the jumped, but she couldn´t reach the land and felt also into the water. The monkey tried to use a big trunk of a tree to cross. He hung on the trunk, but since the stream was so strong, he and his tree trunk were swiped away, instead of crossing the river. The eagle laughed at them and he just flew crossing the river. This was so easy for him, in just one second, he was already across the river without getting wet. So the eagle was the winner.

Since each of the animals won one round, they hadn´t found the winner yet. The last round would determine who the winner would be. The mouse asked the animals to gather at the side of a lake which was located in the middle of the jungle. The mouse took a small wood boat and  rode the boat away from the lake side. She would explain the rule for this round later. The other animals actually were confused.

Suddenly, something bad happened, the boat was leaking and it sank. The mouse shouted for help, but the other animals just stood still and were so confused. They thought the mouse was just kidding, so they were just waiting until the mouse totally sank and disappeared into the water. They stared at each other without knowing what to do when they realized that the mouse was totally drowned. They all couldn´t swim, and some of them were just afraid of water. The eagle flew above the water to see how deep the water was, but he wasn´t that brave enough to dive and saved the mouse. The panther tried to step her feet on the water, but the water was to cold for her, so did the elephant. The monkey just stood still because he was afraid of the deep water.

They felt so sorry for the mouse, probably the mouse already died down there. They were just planning to left the mouse, when they heard some noise. They saw something came up from the water. It was the old turtle who carried the mouse on his back. When they reached the edge, the mouse stepped down and thanked the turtle for his help. She said, “None of you is the winner of this round, so nobody will be the king of this jungle. None of you save me when i was drowned. So all of you have failed.”

The animals were starting to argue, but then the old turtle said, “To be the greatest of all, you should be the one who think about others more than yourself. You have to use your ability or power for the other´s welfare and sometimes this responsibility including sacrifice. The greatest of all is the servant of all also. Are anyone of you ready for it?” asked the turtle. The animals shook their head and they just left one by one after they realized what the turtle just said. Since then they just stopped arguing about the king of the jungle. The mouse thanked the turtle so much for his help and for the mouse, the turtle was the greatest of all in the jungle because of his wisdom and humbleness.


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