The Right Time


Halo all! It has been a while since i haven´t gotten any opportunity to write something here, and i miss writing a lot. Anyway, can anyone guess what kind of plant in the picture is? It is a plant that i have planted for more than 2 years, but i have rarely seen the fruits. This small tree produced fruits 2 times, but it was only one fruit each time i have seen. The fruit can´t be eaten because it was rotten in the tree before we even remembered about it.

Even though it has never produced fruit that we can consume, but we still decide to let it grow in our house, just to make our little house becomes green, to pamper our eyes. Deep down in my hear, i keep hoping that one day it will produce real fruit that can be consumed, so i keep watering it and i also put some fertilizer on the soil.

After some times, my hope becomes true. This small tree produces fruit that we can consume, even it was just one fruit also, but we are so happy to see the fruit which was so big and ripe also. It was not rotten like before, and it brings hope that this little tree can produce more fruits. We just have to wait and be patient for it.

It makes me think also, how many time in my life that i have been so impatient about something that i wish for. Maybe if i keep being persistence and patient, i could achieve something that i really wish for. Everything has its own time to bloom, to be fruitful, we just have to keep giving our best, waiting, believing, and being patient. It is not easy to do, perhaps easy to be said, but not to be done for sure. Most of us probably decide to give up after some failed trials. No success could be reached only by one trial. The closed door will also be opened if we keep knocking it.

I also remembered how many times i have sent my CV to a lot of companies, and hoped that they would invite me for an interviews, but after several months hoping, i started to lose my hope and became so pessimistic about applying job, so i quit to apply. But you know what, i have to tell everybody that hardwork is never useless and it won´t betrayed us.

After i have given up, there was an organization called me and invited me for an interview. Of course i wished that i could impress them with my personality and they would hire me, but even they didn´t do it, i was so happy also to be invited because it means that there is some opened door waiting for me after i have knocked for several month. So i came to the address that has been written and i had a nice interview, even thought the result was negative. They asked me to improve my skill first and then come again to them, because i have already left a good impression for them, and it really pleased me. I haven´t gotten any job, but this things makes me believe that no hard work or effort is useless. Don´t let negative thinking control or dominate our thinking and makes us weak. A positive mind will bring positive atmosphere and positive mood that will encourage us to keep moving and trying.

We will taste the fruit of it some day if we don´t give up.  Perhaps it needs more than 2 years, or it could be faster, but we will surely taste the fruit. That´s why i will keep trying, improving my self and believing. When the right time comes, i believe that i will taste the fruit of my hard work, like the small tree. Just be patient and wait for the right time!

Have a blessed day everyone!



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