Nothing Lasts Forever

The Winter is over now and I am welcoming Spring in this world. It is so great to see the leaves grow, the flowers bloom, and everywhere is green again. I will share some photos of Spring time around my neighborhood. I always like Spring, because Spring always brings a cheerful atmosphere and a new hope. The sun shines longer than Winter and I like it. It brings more energy to do more activities.

As the winter passed already, and the warmer weather comes, I realize that nothing lasts forever on this world. Everything in our life also won´t last forever. Perhaps some of us are dealing with struggling situation right now. Perhaps some of us are facing hard circumstances, or grieves, or anything that is uncomfortable. Just remember that it won´t last forever. A good time or comfortable circumstances will come to our life to replace those hard circumstances. What we need is patience and also keep moving forward.

When I walked around my neighborhood yesterday, I also found something that amazed me. This flower (I don´t know the name in English, but in Deutsch, it is called by Löwenzahnblumen) can live on a street. I was so amazed because I thought that this flower was a really strong flower, instead of growing on soil, it grows on street. It really makes the street becomes beautiful by its presence. It also seemed dry and I thought It already died in winter, but it grows again in this Spring.

If such a flower could survive, I believe that we, as a human being, have more ability to survive in all of our life circumstances because we have been gifted with a lot of survival kit. So what we have to do is never underestimate ourselves and ability to survive and always give our best in everything. Sometimes we have to hang on and be patient. Since there is no eternal condition in this life, if we could survive, the goodness will surely come.

I find there are some survival kits in my hard time, here are some of it :

  1. Pray : even though sometimes I don´t get the answer of my pray, but praying gives me peace and clear mind.
  2. positive thinking, this is just like a fuel for me, to always keep trying and giving my best.
  3. stay close to the people who gives positive vibes

Like the rainbow that comes after the rain, I believe a good things will also come if we do our best to survive in our hard time.

Have a blessed day people 🙂



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