You are precious, no matter who you are

Once upon a time, there was a success farmer family, who owned a very huge farm in a country. This family had three grown up children, but the mother had passed away due to the labor of the third child. The first child was a boy who was very talented in business. He helped his father to develop the farmer and sell all of their crops. Even though he was still young, but his father trusted him to manage several part of the farm and he did well. The family business developed well because his business instinct.

The second child, was a girl. She was very talented in singing, she had a pretty face and beautiful voices also. She dreamed that one day she could be a famous singer in the world. She participated in a lot of singing competition and mostly won. She was well known as the girl with a gold voice in the place where she lived. The father of course felt proud of her.

The third child, was a boy. He was known as a shy boy, because he didn´t have any special talent like his siblings. Sometimes he felt jealous of his siblings, because he was just an ordinary boy. He thought that he was nothing comparing with them. His siblings sometimes liked to underestimate him also. The third child also didn´t like to play with other children. He just liked to spend his time reading some books and helping his father´s works. Even though he seemed like an ordinary one, his father knew that the third child was also a special child, because he was a very diligent child, he always eager to help without complaining, no matter how hard the work would be. He was also eager to learn something new. His patience was unlimited and he was a hardworker also. He used to wake up earlier than the other children to help his parents.

One day, at the father´s birthday, the old man gathered all of his children. He said to his children, “Each of you may ask one wish, and if I could, I will make it true.” The first child said, “Thank you Father, if I may ask, I would like to study business abroad, so that I could help you to develop our farm later.” The father said, “Yes, you may, I will send you the famous university in our neighbor country.” The first child was so happy because of it.

The second child said, “Father, I would like to study at the famous singing academy in the city, so I could become a famous singer one day.” His father thought that it was also a good wish, so he let her did what she wished for. After that, the father looked at the third child and asked, “What do you want then?” The third child was so confused, he didn´t know what to ask for, and then he said, “I don´t know.” His siblings laughed at him, but then his father said, “SSSttt! It´s okay! Just have a time to think, then tell me if you already find one.” After that day, the first child and the second child went to study abroad. Only the third one still lived at that farmer to help his father.

Years after years went by, the third child became a young man, but he still lived in that farm, while his siblings had already become famous people. The first child were a success entrepreneur but the didn´t return to the farm. The second child were a famous opera singer at that century, and she didn´t come back also to the farm. The father felt proud of them, but he also missed them a lot, since they had almost never visited him. This made the third child became so inferior and he felt more that he was nothing comparing to his siblings.

His father knew the third child feeling, then he asked the third child to do something. The father talked to his third child, “I know that you feel nothing comparing to your brother and sister, but I want you to know something. Even though you think that you are just an ordinary one, I see something special in you. You are my precious child, no matter who you are. So I would like to ask you something, could you help me to build a wall around our house?” The third child was confused, “What is it for father?”

The father said, “To protect us from something bad.” Actually, the father had a feeling that there would be a war one day, so to protect the farm and his family, he should build a giant wall. He knew that his third child was so diligent and patient, and he was also a hardworker, so the third child surely could do it. The third child agreed to build the giant wall even though he didn´t think that he could. He agreed to do it because he didn´t want to make his father disappointed.

He learnt frorock wall.jpgm the book how to build the wall, and he asked his father to buy the materials. After that, he worked each day putting the rocks by rocks. He worked so hard without complaining and he just kept believing that he could finish it one day even if it seemed impossible to do. After several times, his hardworks, persistency, patience didn´t fail him. The third child had built a very strong wall to protect their house. His father knew that the third child could do it and he told him how proud he was of him.

Suddenly, in a short time after the wall was finished, there was wars all over the countries. The first child and the second child decided to come back to the farm because they had lost everything. Fortunately, their house was safe because of the giant wall that had been built by the third child. The rock wall was so strong so nobody could even break it. Some of their neighbors were also evacuated to their house. The house became the safe shelter during the war. Everybody was so thankful to the third child, so did the father. After that, the third child finally knew that every person was special and precious, no matter how ordinary they thought they were, they were still able to contribute to make the world a better place to live. He was also so thankful to his father because his father always trusted that he had something special in his self, and later he could see it by him self how special he was.


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