Small Miracle

Today the sun shines so bright out there, while i was enjoying my “me time”, some past memories flash back as I sat down on my couch today. I have moved to Austria for almost 6 years, time flies so fast. At the first time when I moved here, of course it was a hard time for me, since I didn´t know anyone, I didn´t really like the food, the culture was totally different, the language for sure was the most difficult things to conquer for me. It was so hard to adapt that time and most of the time, I felt alone also when my husband worked and I felt a bit scared also to explore my neighborhood because I couldn´t communicate with the people around.

And at the third months, I was pregnant, my first child. It was an amazing moment for us. Our daughter was a true blessing for us. She was and still be our miracle. After that, one by one small miracles happened in our life. God knew what we needed at that time was friends, Indonesian friends specifically, to help us, to accompany us, to support us during my pregnancy. In His unique was, He arranged a meeting with an Indonesian friend at a church. Later, this friend introduced us to another Indonesian friends, and we have a lot of them now. Our friends helped us a lot when I delivered my baby. We didn´t have any car that time, so they took us anywhere we needed to go. How grateful we are. They were just like angels without wings that helped us through our hard time. They were our small miracles.

Sometimes, we are hoping for a miracle in our life. We expect something big in our life, such as totally heal from a terminal disease, a child, win a big amount of lottery, or even we are expecting to be a witness of such an amazing things like when Moses knocked his stick on a stone and the Red Sea was directly divided into two parts, so that the Israel people could cross the Red Sea. But miracles isn´t only about that extraordinary things. It happens everywhere when we believe. Sometime it happens in just an ordinary way, so that we don´t recognize it.

As example, few weeks ago, when I was waiting at bus stop, suddenly i realized that I forgot to take my keys so I shouldn´t be able to open the front door of my apartment building without that key later. I just prayed that time, God please helped me. Fortunately, there was my neighbor also and she also forgot her bag, so she needed to come back to take her bag. By this coincidence, finally she opened the door and I could come in . It was small things and it was just a small luck, but I would like to see it as a small miracle that happened in my daily life.

This small miracle also happened last week, when I picked up my daughter after she came back from kindergarten. The sky was so dark and the rain could pour down anytime. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my umbrella. So I prayed again, God please held the rain till my daughter and I arrived at home. It was starting to rain, but only few drops. After we reached our home, it was heavily raining with strong wind. I believe also that was a small miracle.

The latest small miracle that I would like to share also happened last week. Our car was broken, the automatic parking break didn´t work. If we went to the car repair shop, we had to pay a lot without knowing for sure what really happened with our car was. Suddenly, my husband friend contacted him to invite us for some BBQ party. My husband told him our problem and he would like to help us to repair our car. So, we had to drive 3 hours to his house and then they repaired the car. It worked. The parking break finally repaired without spending a lot of money for uncertainty. It was also our small miracle.

I have a lot of small miracles that perhaps not really extraordinary things but i touched my hearts. It makes me also realized that no matter how hard my struggle or burdens are, God always helps me to go through and He provides help for me in a way that i might never think about, but i will never be alone to face all of the problems.DSC_4658.JPG

At the end, I just want to say that instead of waiting something big happen in our life, some times what we need is just be grateful of small things, small miracles that happened in our life. We just need to be more sensitive about its presence. I believe that small miracles happen daily in our life. Our children behave so well, a help from our neighbor or friend just at the right time, a ride from stranger when we lose our way, a job that we are expecting, a smile from our dementia parents, any other things. Just feel it and be grateful of it. It would make our life become colorful and bright. It could be a strength n hope to go through storm in our life. It could be an encouragement to make our life better.

So when you expect some miracles happen in your life, just pray, and believe that it will happen. Perhaps it might happen in a way that you won´t ever think of, just keep aware of its presence and don´t stop believing. Perhaps it is something that you don’t expect but what you need, and it’s provided for you just at the right time and place.

Have a blessed day everyone, and I do hope you are experiencing those small miracles today in your life !


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