Life is A Matter of Choosing and Deciding

Yesterday I decided to bake so many bread as our meal for whole day. Baking is not an easy things to do, because once you miss something, you can´t do anything to fix it or redo the process. While I was making the dough, suddenly some insights came to my mind. Of course I had to decide how many table spoons of salt, sugar, how many cups of flour, should I put so that I could make a good and tasty bread. My decision actually was depended on my taste, but I realize it´s me the one who had to make a decision.

I have failed so many times in making bread, sometimes the dough was not raise so well, sometimes it tasted plain, the other time my bread was burnt because I made a mistake in setting the heat of my oven, sometimes my bread was as hard as stone, so we couldn´t even barely chew it. Sometimes i chose not to follow the recipe and created something new, but not all of the time I succeed, but i learnt from my failure. All of my mistakes made me learn something important, so I know better now how to make a good n tasty bread.

In our life, we have to make a decision every day. It starts as we open our eyes, we should decide whether we want to stay in bed or wake up. Then we have to choose our breakfast, our clothes to wear, and so on. It will be over till we close our eyes again. We face so many choices everyday to choose. Some people are afraid to make a decision, especially for the biggest, influencing, important decision in their life, because they are afraid of making a mistake, or they are afraid of the consequences of their decision. A bad result from our decision is just like a punishment that should be avoided in our life. It´s a natural instinct actually to avoid something harmful or dangerous that may happen in our life.

Of course we can avoid to make some important decisions, but unluckily, we can´t avoid it all the time. Some condition may force us to decide. We can´t run away every time we have to decide something. Sometime we have to deal with failure and it´s okay. For me personally, my failure is the greatest teacher in my life. I will learn to be more cautious in choosing something and also deciding. The most important lesson that i get is I learn to think before I decide, I learn to know my capability to deal with the consequences.

So, i believe that making mistake is not the end of our life. What the best things of making mistake or having failure in our life is we can learn something important from it. I believe we learn more from something bad because it makes us alert of our mistakes. Our experience will warn us about our mistake and we will try to avoid making the same mistake because we don´t want to experience the same negative consequences of our decision later.

Mistakes also teach us how to be wiser if we learn from it and if we choose to be wiser. This learning process will always happen in our life, either we learn something from good things or bad things. We can choose a good choice and make a good decision because we already learn how to choose wisely. From a mistake, we can learn more also about our selves, especially our weaknesses and how to overcome it.

Now the problem is, how to know which one is a good choice and which one is not, so that we are able to make a good decision. If we are dealing with a bad choice and a good one, it´s surely easy to make a decision, we all will choose a good one. But what if we are dealing with all of good choices or all of it, it´s a bad one? If I may suggest, before making a decision or choosing, explore all possible consequences that we may deal with, then know our selves, I mean our capability of dealing with those consequences, then choose a choice that we are ready or we feel that we can bare with the consequences. The most important is choose something that makes us grow, that develop ourselves to be a better person and don´t choose or decide something when we are angry or not in a good state of mind because we won´t aware what the consequences will be. How do we also know if we already makes a good decision. A good decision won´t always bring happiness or success, but it will bring peace, it will develop ourselves to be a better person, or it will bring goodness for other people. What we need, in order to be able to decide something, is a clear mind and also courage, so that we are conscious of our decision and we won´t blame others for the result.



  1. A lot of good points to take home from this great post, Stefanny. The importance of making the right decisions at the right time and not to worry about facing the consequences that might result. We learn and grow only this way, by making small mistakes…

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