The Greatest Power

Once upon a time, there was a fairy, called Power, who wanted always to be the greatest fairy among others. He liked to show his power to get the other fairy´s recognition that he was the most powerful fairy of all, but he didn´t even care the consequences of his action. He also didn´t care if he hurt the other fairies or not by his action. The king and queen fairy saw his attitude and they didn´t like it actually, so they planned to give him a lesson.

The king and queen announced that they will make a competition to find the greatest fairy. The fairy who would like to join this competition, should show their greatest ability. The fairies talked about the competition day and night, and they were so excited to join it, especially Power. He thought a lot about what he would show. He wanted to win the competition so bad, so he decided to show all of his power later.

The day of competition came, all of the participants showed their greatest abilities. There was a fairy who showed how to make a rainbow, the other showed how to lift 10 elephants on air, the other showed how to bloom the flower. Power was not so amazed by the other fairies performance, because he thought that what he would do, would be more fascinated. Until he saw a fairy who tried to make a hole in the mountain, Power got so worry actually. At the first time, he just wanted to make a hurricane, but now he planned to make something bigger.

Power´waves turn came also, the king and queen were actually worried about his intention, because they saw it in the Power´s eyes. They knew that Power would make something harmful, but they really wanted to give Power lesson, so they let Power did what he wanted to. Power flew high on the ocean, then he blew a strong wind that created a really high wave and also a giant whirlpool, because of it, so many ships sank, but Power didn´t care and wouldn´t stop there. He saw that the other fairy was succeed to make a hole in a mountain, it really disturbed his ego. He didn´t want to lose the competition, so he blew stronger till the wave getting higher and higher, he created Tsunami waves. Unfortunately, there were some villages nearby the sea. The people in the village got massive panic, but they didn´t have enough time to escape. So when the Tsunami waves hit the villages, so many people were dragged by the waves. What Power just did was a great disaster to the villagers. The houses, their farmers, their plantations were all destroyed. There were also a lot of innocent victims.

After doing his action, Power actually felt that he could win the competition because of this great disaster. He saw that the land that used to be a village, were fully covered with water, and Power felt so satisfied with his action. The king and queen felt so sad actually, but they had to acknowledge that Power was the greatest fairy among others. They gave the greatest fairy title to Power, but they asked Power to see the result of his action. They asked Power to fly above those villages that had been destroyed by him.

Power did it, he flew above those villages and saw what he did. At the first time he felt so proud of his self, but it wouldn´t last longer. Then, he saw a lot people cried because they lost their families, their belongings. Power also see a child on a branch of tree who cried and shouted for his parents. Something came and filled his feeling, something that was not nice, and his proud was faded away. The next things that he saw, changed everything. He saw a man who held tightly on a boat. There were a woman who was pregnant on that boat, who were ready to give a birth. The woman shouted so desperately, because she was bleeding. The man tried so hard to calm the woman and seek for any help but none could help them. After a while, the woman seemed unconscious and passed away. The man lost two person in his life at the same time and he cried so desperately. The cry touched Power´s heart at last.

All of the proud feeling, the satisfaction were disappeared. Power felt so awful now. So when the king and queen awarded him as the greatest fairy, instead of being mighty or happy, Power felt so sad. The memories of those victims remained in his mind day and night. It made him lose his appetite and also spirit to do something. He just sat on the meadow and then he cried. He felt so sorry about the massive mess that he had created. He regretted his action, and if he could turn back time, he would stop him self to do so.

He came to the king and queen, and he gave back the reward, he just asked for a thing if he might. He just wanted to turn back time and stop himself for creating such a great disaster. He told them how he felt so awful and he regretted his action a lot. The king and queen felt so relieved, then the king said, “You know what Power, the greatest Power in this world is a self control. You may feel that you win when you show your great power among others, but you realize that it won´t make you feel better, so at the end you win nothing. When you can hold your ego to hurt others, by your action or even by your words, you are already a winner of yourself. That is the greatest power of all.” They knew that Power already got his lesson and then they granted his will.

Power came back just right at the moment when he created a higher wave, He told his self to stop doing it before he regretted in the future. He saw his previous self doubt to do it, so Power gave him a blast of his own memories and how he felt after doing it. He saw how shocked his self after seeing those memories. After that, his previous self thought a while, then he lowered his power, and control his self, even though he saw the other fairies already made a hole in the mountain. Then the giant wave disappeared and the ocean became calm again.

Then the future Power disappeared, Power in that time knew that he lost the competition, but instead of feeling disappointed, he felt so relieved. He shouldn´t have to feel what Power in the future felt. He knew that he already made a right decision even though he was not the greatest fairy at last. What was important for him, he already avoided himself for creating such a terrible disaster that he would regret. The king and queen appreciated his effort and they also gave Power special reward as the greatest fairy too, because he already won against himself. He already lowered his ego to save others life. He already got the precious lesson that made him a better fairy in the future.

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