The Meaning of Enough

Yesterday, a friend of mine shared something that happened in her life and it changed her life. Her story makes me realize of something important in our life that I would like to share.  As a normal people, we should have to do something to show our function in life, such as working, studying, or anything else. We all are walking in our path of life with our own way.

Sometimes, we force our selves so hard to walk, even though we know that our body has sent a signal to stop because our body is tired. We keep moving because we have our own target and expectation that we would like to achieve it. Something pushes us to keep walking so we ignore the signal. Then, what will happen if we keep forcing our selves to walk? What I could say is something bad might happen as the result of it.

Our body was designed for a balance, we have to work but we also need a rest. If we keep pushing our selves, at some point, our body will be so exhausted. We won´t have warningenough energy to do the task. In order to avoid serious damage or harm to our body, our brain will block some stimulus that are interpreted as unpleasant stimulus. As a result, physical symptoms might appear, such as, suddenly we lose our ability to do something, just like we forget how to do it, or we hard to move several parts of our body, this could lead to serious physical impairment also. As example, a lot of musicians, who practiced too hard, lost some abilities in playing instrument because they can´t move their fingers. It changed their life and also their careers were ruined because of it.

What should we do then to avoid this disaster? we should learn to know ourselves first. I believe “too much” of everything, never have a good impact in our life. We should learn to know when will be our time to stop doing something. We should observe our body and we would know the signal that has been sent to warn us. We should not ignore this signal, even if it seems harmless. Something small could be bigger or even be a disaster if it´s accumulated.

This is not only for physical condition but also psychological condition. Sometimes, we ignore our emotions, our feelings, such as bored, sad, disappointed, or rejected, angry also. We might bury it somewhere in our unconscious because it isn´t allowed to be shown. At some point, this negative things will raise at the surface and make a hurricane in our life. So what important is, never neglect your negative feelings or emotions. Admit it, feel it, and let it go. Of course, we have to be careful in expressing our negative emotions. It could be so destructive if it is expressed in a wrong way. So just find a place or any media, so that our feelings could manifest it self in a constructive way, a place just for us and our feeling. It´s necessary also to run away for a while from the situation, find another place that are far away and totally different from the current situation, so we could collect our positive energy and feeling to deal with the stressful situation.

What important is, never force our selves to deal with something that make us so exhausted. Take a break are important words to do. Try to be relax and collect our positive energy as much as we can. Try to know our selves better than before and try to respect our selves also, by knowing what it needs. Love and respect our selves more than our ambition. Don´t give our selves a burden more than its capacity to bear of.

What if we are too late to realize everything? Now we are like just facing a giant wall that block our way and make us stuck at some point. We are not able to reach our destination because of that wall. The choice that we have are breaking the wall, just climbing it or trying to find another way. If we are not able to break or climb it, perhaps it´s better to turn back, and find another alternative ways, instead of hitting our heads to the wall. We might not break the wall but we might break our heads, so instead of forcing ourselves to go through the wall that could only lead us to frustration, it´s better to find another path or another way. Perhaps if we change our sight or point of view, there is another way beside the wall, or behind us. It might need longer time to reach our destination than just walking straight through the wall, but it will be more constructive than keep forcing our selves. Just think out of the box because our world is surely bigger than a box.






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