A Single Step That Starts A Journey

wI believe every journey has its destination, including our life’s journey. We seek something to achieve as our goals of life so that at the end of our life’s journey, we are able to feel that we already reach our destination, so i call it with our life´s destination. A life ‘s journey without any destination will be like walking without any direction so we might lose our passion to walk one day.

Some of us will see popularity, wealth, and power, success, high education as a destination, meanwhile some others are trying to reach happiness, family, good spirituality life or even passion as the end line of their journey. Our destination could be something that makes us feel safe, satisfied, and just like finding a home to stay. There are nothing wrong or right in setting the destination of our journey, but there will be a right or wrong way to reach it. As times goes by, when we realize what important in our journey is, it could affect our destination too so that we will change our destination from one point to somewhere else.

I would like to share a bit of my journey to reach my life’s destination. I always think about how can i be useful to others since i was teenager. That was a reason behind why i took Psychology as my major in university. I thought that i could help people with my knowledge. I reached my destination as a Psycholog, but things didn’t run as my will. Actually it was so hard to work as a young clinical Psycholog without any relations and also experiences in my country (or maybe i didn’t try that hard before). Some conditions also changed, i have moved to another country with new language that i haven’t known before and with a totally different culture too. I really don’t have any talents in language, but i keep trying to learn it. Unfortunately and honestly, because of other barriers also, i lost my passion to have a carrier as a Psycholog, i feel like i am facing a high wall that blocked my way and i don’t have any energy more to climb or even to destroy it.

After a while, it makes me think a lot what i want to do and where i should go. Then i realize now what i really want to do in my life. I change my destination. I love writing since I was teenager and it makes me feel alive and excited everyday. I thought before writing was just a hobby for me, although I´ve dreamt to be a writes once and I have already written three novels and one children books. I love to think what kind of writing that could inspire people, and it will be my way to help and influence people now. So i just want to be bold and I set my final destination as a writer from now on.

Every destination has its own distance. For some people, perhaps their destinations are only few steps from them, so that they just need to walk few steps to reach it. But for some people, included me, our destinations are like a million miles away, so it might need years to reach it and it might also seem impossible, but i believe nothing is impossible if we want to try. I believe also every destination might be able to be reached with a lot of hard works.

What we need to do is just taking a single step day by day. There will be no journey started without any single step. Just like building a house, it starts by putting brick by brick on the ground. It may take months or even years to finish it, but if we keep working, the house will be done one day. Just like our destination, if we walk towards it, inch by inch, i´m sure that we will be there one day.

We might lose our hope or even spirit to reach it because of the distance seems so unreachable. I do ever feel that, but I remember something that makes me stronger and encourage me. Have you ever heard a story or poems about “Footprints in the Sand”? It tells about two people walking on a beach, one was the writer and the other was God. At the first time, the writer saw two pairs of footprints in the sand, the writer´s footprints and God´s. But then, after a while, especially, the lowest and the most hopeless moment in the writer´s life, he/she saw only a pair of footprints. Then the writer asked to God, why was there only be a set of footprints in the most troublesome and saddest moments in the writer´s life, as if God left the writer walk alone while, but God already promised to walk with the writer when the writer decided to follow Him. Then God answered that it was because He carried the writer during that trials and testing moment, He will never leave the writer because He loved him/her.

This story reminds me that I am not alone in reaching my destination. There will be a time when I will feel so down and lost my energy, but I will keep remembering that I don´t walk alone. It´s not only God who accompany me, but also some people who support me a lot, they are my family and friends. The other important things that i learnt from the story is they keep moving forward, no matter how hard the moments were. I believe that there will be those moments in our life, that we feel like we will never reach our destination and we lose our hope also. It´s okay to take a rest for a while, collect our energy by trying to find something interesting in our journey and remembering the feeling when we decided to start our first step and also the feeling that we will feel when we reach our destination. It´s also important to find a travel companion who will always support us. After that, we should keep moving forward, keep walking. By doing that, either we will arrive at our destination or not, at least, we will leave our foot prints as a sign of our journey.

At the end, I believe that my destination is quite far, but I am taking step by step each day to reach it, I will keep moving forward. That´s why I keep writing, even though none reads it. I believe that one day people will see it and those people will lead me to reach my destination. I know that there is a possibility also about failing to reach it, but what important is I do my best to reach it so I will never regret the result. I will leave my footprints everywhere so that people will notice my journey and my effort to reach it.




  1. I love this essay Sunith and I am so glad to read something of yours again. You know, I kept a journal for many years before I realized that what I wanted to do was to simply WRITE. I worked as a psychologist like you did and eventually that practice left me feeling like I was drowning. Teaching had the same result. Now I write! I write to save my own life, I write because it is my passion, I write because I need to learn more about who I am. Yes, I do publish but that is NOT the central reason behind why I write although being heard and read is also very satisfying… I write because writing is the core of who I am… don’t wait as long as I did to follow your heart! You are already a writer – and English is a second language for you so you are to be doubly congratulated!

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