Fight vs Flight (The story of little bunny)

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit family who lived in a meadow nearby a forest. The papa, mama and one little bunny lived in a small yet warm hole together. They planted so many vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, lettuces, spinach, strawberries, etc. They always had enough food for themselves during all kind of seasons.

Oneday there was a disaster happened. A very strong hurricane winds passed by at that meadow when the papa bunny was harvesting their crops. Everythings happens so fast the papa bunny tried to saved their crops and family. Mama bunny and little bunny wrere saved, but unfortunately the papa bunny was swept away by the hurricane. The mama bunny and the little bunny were so sad because they lost their beloved papa bunny. They had to stand by their own feet now, there would be no papa bunny who could protect them from harm now.

As the time went by, the little bunny grew up and took the role to take care their little farm and his mama. Everything run well until one night in autumn. The little bunny heard some strange voice outside, just like somebody was screaming. Then there was a big scary dark shadow appeared after the voice. The shadow was just like something big who had two big arms. The voice and the shadow made mama´s and the little bunny´s bodies shook so hard because they thought maybe there were some monster or beasts in their little farm. They didn´t have enough courage to check who made such a scary voice outside. So they hid under their bed and waited until the voice and the shadow disappeared.

The next day the little bunny and his mama were shocked when they saw what was happened in their little farm. Somebody had stolen some of their crops so it left only so many holes on the ground. It happened continuously for couple days ahead. They always heard a scary voice at the previous night and then the next they some crops were stolen.

At the first time, they were so afraid of that voice, but then, when they almost didn´t have something to harvest in that season, the little bunny thought that he should do something before they didn´t have enough food for winter because of this thief. He thought that he should defeat his own fright, so they could survive.

He assumed that this stolen crops could be related with some scary voice which he heard at the previous night. He wanted to find where the scary voice came from. It might be the thief. So he collected all of the courage that he had at the night and went to the farm. He hid behind the spinach and held some stone in his hand. He waited till the things came. After waiting for a couple hours, “That scary things” came. The little bunny heard the voice first then something flew approach him. His body was shaking, but he had to be brave to find out who stole their crops.

“That scary things” took some of their carrots and flew away. The little bunny finally found out who stole their crops. Actually it was not as scary as he thought in his mind after he faced the reality. It was just actually a big bird which was far away smaller than its shadow! He felt so relieved after that and he run to his house to tell his mama about his finding. They decided not to hide anymore and tried to face their problem in order to surviveowl. They realized that the bird is bigger than them, so they had to made a good plan to chase away the bird.

They made a big doll from hay and then they tied thread with the bell around their crops and also tied it to the doll, so when something touched the thread, the bell would ring and the doll would move. They put the doll in the middle of their little farm and waited till night came. They hid behind the bush, near the doll and waited till the bird came.

At the midnight, the bird came and then it tried to take some strawberries away, but unfortunately its beak n feet touched the thread and then the bell rang automatically and also the doll moved. It made the bird shock and scared of it. The bird flew away without took anything from their farm. The shocked bird also didn´t come back to their farm anymore. The little bunny and his mama finally could chase the thief away and also they learnt to be brave by defeating their own fright.



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