The Girl and The Balloon

One day at her fpink balloonriend´s birthday party, a clown gave a pink unblown balloon to a little girl. The girl was so excited because she liked pink color and balloon. She asked her mother, “Can I blow this balloon mommy?”, then the mother answered, “Sure, you can!”. The girl blew her balloon and when she that thought the size was big enough, she stopped to blow her balloon.

But then she saw that her friend´s balloon is bigger than her, she wanted also to have her balloon as big as her friends or even more bigger, so she started to blow her balloon again. Her mother saw it and then she tried to warn her, “Your balloon is big enough, you don´t have to blow it again.” but the girl answered, “I want something bigger mommy, like hers.” “But something more is not always better, you could lose yours if you don´t stop to blow it.” replied her mother. “No, I won´t. I will be careful.” said the girl.

So the mother let her daughter blew her balloon, but she knew that it would pop up. The girl kept blowing her balloon eventhough it was so big, already bigger than her friend´s balloon, but she didn´t want to stop, until her balloon popped up. She was shocked when her balloon popped up and she began to cry.

The mother was down on her knees and then said gently, “I already warned you before, didn´t I ?”. “Yes, but you don´t tell me that it could pop up.” said the girl between crying. “Sometimes, you must learn how to listen, how to take an advice wisely. If i told you the risk, you would still keep blowing, right? because you want something more. But it´s okay, at least you learn something today. ” said the mother. The girl nodded and remained silent.

“Enough is an important word to learn, my dear. Sometimes we lose everything that we have just to have more. Beside of it, you should have to learn by yourself that every action has its own risk, cause i won´t always be around you to warn you. When you learn the risk by yourself, it will be more meaningful for you and you won´t forget it. We learn something better from our mistake or something bad, so we won´t make the same mistake in the future.” said the mother gently and then she hugged her daughter. At last, the girl learnt something important that day about listening and enough.

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