The Kind Boy and The Greedy Monster

candy.jpgOnce upon a time, there was a small greedy greeny monster who lived in a cave nearby a village. He liked sweets a lot and he liked to steal the children’s candies and chocolate. Eventhough he already had a mountain of sweets in his cave, but he just wanted more and more. He even didn’t have enough space for his self now in the cave.

In one shiny morning, there was a rich man who visited the village and gave a lot of sweets and also toys for the children. The greedy monster knew it and he planned to steal those sweets at midnight.

As the midnight came, when everyone was sleeping, the greedy monster moved quietly with his big bag to each house and stealed all of the sweets inside the house. Then he came to the last house, actually it was an old hut. He thought that everyone was also sleeping in that house, but actually a poor boy was awake n was sewing his old shoes with the light from a candle.

The boy was surprised to see the monster, but he wasn’t afraid of him. He already heard about this greedy monster from the story of the other villager. They said that if this monster was angry, he would eat anything that he saw, include human, so the villagers were afraid of him, but not this brave boy.

He said to the monster, “I know who you are and what you want. I have two bars of chocolate, but i will give you only one bar. Because the other is for my grandmother who is sick. This is the only food that we have for tomorrow. If you want more, you can eat me, but just let my grandma live.” he said whisperly.

He offered the monster one bar of chocolate and then the monster looked at it for a while before he took it and left. When the monster went away, the boy saw from his back and felt that actually this monster was lonely. He decided to follow the monster quietly and saw where he lived, then he went home.

At that night, the monster tried to kept all of the sweets that he got that day in his cave, but unfortunately the cave was so full so that he didn’t have any place for himself anymore. The monster had to sleep outside the cave accompanied by the freezing wind.

The next morning, the boy came to visit the monster and he saw that the monster almost died and freezed. He felt so sorry to him and then he remembered that he brought a box of matches in his pocket. Then he tried to make a fire to make the monster warm. The warmth from fire saved the monster. The monster was so thankful to the boy. Then he realized that eventhough this boy came from poor family but his heart was so rich and kind, so that he didn’t think for his self only, but for other also.

The monster let the boy took his sweets as many as he wanted as a gift. The boy refused it at the first time, but he remembered that his grandma was sick. He could sell this sweets to the villagers so he could earn some money to take his grandma to the doctor. Then he took as many as he could and thanked the monster for his kindness. At last the monster learned to share and he felt happy, more than when he got all of those sweets. The monster learned that when his heart was full with gratitude, he wouldn’t be so greedy anymore, even more he could share what he had and it made him happier. The poor boy taught him a precious lesson of life that he would never forget. At last both of them became best friend and the monster wasn’t greedy anymore.



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