The Philosophy of Four Seasons

Some countries in this world experience four seasons every year. There will be winter, spring, summer, and also autumn. Some of us perhaps have our favourite seasons, but each seasons has its own beauty. The pure white snow in winter, the blossom flower in spring, cheerful sunny day in summer, and colorful leaves in autumn.

Like now, it’s snowing outside my window, it brings fresh coldy wind, but i like when the snow falls on my face. It brings sensation which would make me feel fresh.

When i think about these four seasons. Actually it’s also a circle of our life. We have also four seasons in each of our life. When we were a child, we just sit nicely and our parents will work hard for us. By the time we grow up, it is the time to study hard, to prepare the best for our future. We can dream high and it’s our time to blossom, to show what we have to impress the world. We are just like a flower in the spring time.

After that, when we graduated from school, college or university, it’s time to work hard, to reach our dream, to do whatever we want to do.  We will never afraid that we will lose our energy because we have a lot of it, just like the sun that will always shine at the next day. Some of us could be so workaholic, some of us will obssesed with popularity, power, or money, and will do whatever we can to gain it. We have all of the energy to do a lot of things and to reach so many things. Just like the sunny sunshine in the summer which brings energy in our life.

Then comes the time to harvest everythings that we have been worked hard for. It’s time to enjoy the colorful result of our effort, like enjoying colorful leaves in autumn. It’s also time to prepare for quiting. Prepare to stop doing whatever we do before. We start to lose our energy and it’s time to wisely use the rest of it. Some wise people will also save something that they have harvested so that they will have enough things for their future

After all of it, it’s time to rest, to stop doing anything, to let our body to recharge or to gain the energy for the next season. Just like enjoying the snowflakes falls down in winter while we sit and drink something warm. It’s so important cause when we forget to do this phase, we will suffer and we also feel that we are lack of everything, eventhough we already have everything in our life. It’s called the balance of life, the harmony of life.

But unfortunately some of us forget about the word “enough” and always want something “more”. It also leads to forget about how to “stop”. At the end not only the body that will broken, but also mind. The balance of life will be disturbed and it will lead to destruction. So before it happens, let us try to find our balace in life by starting to learn the word “enough” and “stop”.the_four_seasons_209357.jpg

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