The most delicious Indonesian dishes


This time, i would like to present some of the most delicious Indonesian dishes for me. Most of Indonesian dishes are rich of flavor because it contains a lot of spices, so the taste will be so tasty and strong. We have so many traditional dishes and it is uncountable, but I would like to introduce the dishes which are easy to find, yet so tasty and famous. So if you have any plan to visit Indonesia, don´t forget to try these dishes. I will explain those one by one from top left to top right and then bottom left to bottom right. Here they are :

  1. Mie/Bakmi (noodles) – This food is not only famous in China, but also in Indonesia. You can find various kind of noodles and toppings in Indonesia, but normally the noodles will be yellow, curly and thin, with chicken, mushroom, pork or sometimes with crab toppings. We can ask for dumpling and meatballs also for side dishes.
  2. Martabak manis (Sweet pancake) – This kind of dishes is normally for dessert, but a heavy one. It comes from Bangka and Bandung city. There is a bit different between Martabak Bangka and Bandung, for me Martabak Bangka is more tasty than Martabak Bandung, but both of it mostly are made from egg, flour, butter, milk/water/coconut milk. You can choose cheese, chocolate, Nutella, peanut, or other toppings such as durian, cream cheese with oreo, KitKat greentea, as you wish, but for me the most delicious toppings are with cheese and condensed milk. You have to be careful when you eat this pancake, because it will make you ask for more.
  3. Siomay – This food is mostly made from fish, but sometimes you can find pork or chicken siomay also. This food is like a various kind of things in one plate and will be poured with peanut sauce. You can choose to pick only fish siomay, or if you want the complete menu it will be added with the other things like potatoes, cabbage, tofu, or egg. The sauce could be spicy if you are not used to eat something spicy.
  4. Sate – This dish is mostly made from chicken, but you can find also pork, mutton/lamb, sometimes rabbit and ox meat also. It will be served with peanut sauce, sweet soya sauce, and also Lontong (compressed rice which is cooked with banana leaves). The sauce normally is sweet and tasty.
  5. Rendang -This dish is a well known meal from Padang (a city in North Sumatra). Normally this food is made from beef, coconut milk, and other spices which is cooked for more than 4 hours. it´s spicy and tasty, but trust me…it´s so worthed to try. You can find this kind of meal in every Padang Restaurant in Indonesia. We eat Rendang with rice also.
  6. Pempek (Fish cake) – This dish is a well known meal from Palembang (a city in South Sumatra), but you can find it in any city in Indonesia. It is made from fish and will be served with sweet sour dark sauce (which made from tamarind, palm sugar, garlic). There are a lot of kind of pempek such as Kapal Selam (which is filled with egg), Lenjer (long one and it doesn´t have any filling), Adaan (it has round shape like a ball), Keriting (the curly pempek), Pistel (it has young papaya with dried shrimp as its filling), Kulit (which is made from fish skin), Tunu (this is a grilled pempek with dried shrimp/ebi filling and sweet soya sauce), Lenggang (this is a mixed of lenjer with egg). Normally if you order this kind of meal, it will be fried, so it will taste crunchy outside but soft inside.

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