The Precious Jasmine

jasmine-flower-photosOnce upon a time in a flower boutique, there were various kind of flowers which were being displayed, such as Roses, Lilies, Carnations, Gerberas, Orchid, Sunflowers, Gladiolus, and Jasmine. When the boutique was closed and the flowers were sleeping, suddenly somebody was crying at the corner of the boutique in the middle of the night. It actually was the Jasmine flower. She was really sad because nobody wanted to buy her or even saw that she was existed in that store. In her mind, nobody wanted her because she was unattractive, small, and identically related with something bad, like funeral or something mystical.

Her heart was really broken and she felt that she was nothing compared to the other beautiful flowers. Because she cried so bad, an angel heard it and came to her. “Why are you crying little pretty flower?” asked the angel. “Because I was ugly and bad. Nobody wanted to buy or even looked at me. Not like the famous Roses, or the beautiful Lily, or the charming Sunflower.” said Jasmine sadly. The angel smiled and said, “let me take you to some places, so that you can see something precious.”

Then the angel took the Jasmine in her arm and then flew to some places. First of all, the angel flew to the tea factory and showed the Jasmine that she was one of the ingredients of the tea. Then the tea would be served in the five star hotels. After that, the angel flew to perfume factory and showed her that she was also one of the most famous perfume ingredients.

After that, the angel flew to the place that Jasmine knew very well, it was cemetery. She saw a girl who sat nearby headstone and began to cry. The girl looked so sad and lonely. She touched the headstone carefully and said, “Dear mommy, today is your birthday. i am sorry that i can´t buy you some fancy stuffs. I can only buy you this flower, your favorite flower. I remember, you always said that this flower is small but so the fragrance is strong and also make you feel so relax. This flower always reminds me of your presence and it comforts me also. I miss you, mommy.” said the girl.

Some tears dropped on Jasmine´s cheeks after she heard all of the words. “Please take me home.” she said to the angel. She understood what would the angel want to say actually. “Do you get something in your small trip?” asked the angel. Jasmine nodded. “Just when you feel that you are nothing or you are bad, it doesn´t mean that you don´t have something good within you. You just haven´t seen it or found it.” said the angel. The Jasmine hugged the angel and said, “Thank you so much for the lesson. I feel so grateful now with my existence.”


Note : in some country, for example Indonesia, Jasmine flower is normally related with something mystic and death, but Jasmine is also one of the famous flower which can be used for tea or fragrance composition.


  1. Lovely! Interesting writings! In some countries this flower is considered as one of the precious ones found costly to buy and blossoms generally during summers!

    There are wide varieties in jasmine too! I believe everything in this world has its own place and only well treated or valued at right place and right time!

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