Hello everyone! I hope all of you are healthy and happy. I would like to discuss about emptiness. This feeling suddenly can infiltrate us. Why do they feel empty inside? My answer is it’s because we lose our positive energy. Here are some things that may drain our positive energy:

1. Stress

Everyday stress is all around us, we can’t avoid it. Stress could also be something good, it enables us to perform something better. But sometimes, we create our own stress such as what would people think about me, what would they say? We care a lot about our image in other’s thought, we want to be a good person, a “wow” person for others. We want to amaze them with our life and achievement. What we always think is what others will think about us. We will do everything to get the praise from our environment. Can you imagine how stressful life could be? The other things that we usually think a lot is what will happen in our future, since we don’t know it and we can’t also predict it. Preparing for our future is a good things, but getting thrilled with something that may not happen, is nightmare. It creates stress and we can’t enjoy our present time, even more it leads us to be anxious person.

2. Hectic

Our routine and activities dominate our life till we don’t have our persona life more. We are too busy, so we don’t have time to give a “me time” for ourselves. We don’t have time to refuel our positive energy. So, we just do our routine like a zombie. We stop to enjoy our life.

3. Toxic people

We live in a negative surrounding. They always tell bad things about us or about what we do. No matter how good we are or we do, nothing good will come out from these toxic people. Absolutely it will drain our soul.

4. Unlucky Things

Unlucky things will be perceived as negative things in our life or bad things, such as failure, grief, losing somethings precious, etc. If we have time to overcome it, we will be resilient. But if these bad things always come, one after another, so we don’t even have time to breath, absolutely it will drain our energy.

Then what is the impact of this emptiness? We will feel that our life is meaningless. Our life will be filled with negativity and it will affect how we think and behave. Some people will become more sensitive, easily get angry, or even worst depressed. We lose our energy and we don’t find any excitement to do anything. Everything will be perceived negativity.

So what should we do to avoid or overcome emptiness? First of all, we should aware the emptiness feeling. We should acknowledge the presence first, don’t deny it. Then try to find the source, is it because our business, our environment, the bad moments, stress, etc. After that, try to find a solution. If i may suggest, here are some of the solutions, that i have ever tried :

1. Love yourself

Loving ourselves is so important. It doesn’t mean that we are a selfish person. By loving ourselves, we will know more about ourselves, what we like, what we don’t like, how we think, how we feel, how we react, we learn more about ourselves. Eat more healthy food in order to love and maintain our health. Of course, we can eat our comfort food sometimes, but just try to find the balance. Take care of our appearance, do some maintenance for it. Respect ourselves, our feeling more. This is so important, don’t deny the occurrence feeling, cause the more we deny or repressed, the worse psychological problem we will have.

2. Appreciation

After we know ourselves more, try to respect and appreciate ourselves. Give appreciation even to our simple effort, ex : if you seldom do sport, then you start to do it, just tell yourself that you’ve done a great things to be healthier. We don’t need to wait others appreciation, start to appreciate ourselves first. Acknowledge our achievement, give reward to ourselves. Appreciation is important, because it’s acknowledge our effort and respect it. It gives meaning for what we do, that’s why it makes our effort meaningful.

3. Refuel our positive energy

Sometimes we run out of our positive energy, that’s why we feel empty. It’s time to refuel it. Do some “me time”, take a distance for a while from our routine. Do the things that we like or we are hoping to do during the time. Fill ourselves with a lot of positivities, surround ourselves with positive people, positive words. For sure, we can’t avoid the negativity, but we can choose to block it for a while. After our positive energy’s tank is full, then we are ready to deal with the negativity.

4. Pray

For some people, pray is a way of copying stress. At least it’s work for me! Because i know that i have a person who always hear my problem and He cares for me. Even more, He died for me to save my life, so my life is precious for Him. By reminding this, i feel that i am not alone and He loves me unconditionally. Knowing that we have someone, who loves us eternally is like watering our dried soul, it gives life back to something dry and dying. It will recharge our soul.

If you aware about emptiness, you can find the source, and you know solution, then the emptiness will not stay longer. What important is we are the one who have the responsibility to fill the emptiness, don’t always expect others to fill it. Love ourselves first. If we need help, then try to find positive people or a help from people who are capable to help us, stay away from toxic people as far as we can. I hope this blog could help some people to fill their emptiness 😊.

Have a nice weekend everyone! God bless us!

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