Hello everyone! Yesterday we saw something wonderful at night. It was almost 9 pm, but still bright because of summer. Yesterday it rained a little bit, and then at night, the sun suddenly shone through the cloud and created this beautiful moment. Let me share the picture of this small miracle!

Can you see the colors? Wow it’s amazing to witness! Usually i only see red/orange, yellow and green, but i saw almost all the colors that had been described in every book about rainbow. I was speechless and it was the moment of holiness for me 😊!

I love rainbow because it brings hope, just like how it describes in bible at Noah’s time. After the most destructive flood that had ever happened in this world, God gave a bow in the sky to claim His promise. Ever since that time, there are no more flood as destructive as that.

During this pandemic, so many things had been ruined, such as plan to publish my second book, my holiday to my home country, the school time of my daughter, etc. The worst thing that happens right now is the second wave of this pandemic. Certainly it brings also worries and uncertainty. I always think when this pandemic will end so that we can go back to our normal life, we can realize our plan. It’s just like walking in the dark tunnel without knowing where the exit is. I get so upset and tired with the second wave actually.

Suddenly this rainbow appeared. Like it want to tell me that you will see something beautiful after the endless rain, so just wait! Good things come to those who wait patiently! So hang on! Keep counting our blessing and be grateful! There will be light even in the darkness place, so hang on! Wait patiently and the good things will come to us!

Have a nice day everyone! God bless us!


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