Unexpected Result

Hello guys!! I just want to share some insight that i got, while making this Pao. This is the behind story of this salted egg custard pao. While i was kneading the dough, my youngest child suddenly woke up and cried. I stopped kneading and came to calm her. I thought that it only needed couple of minutes until she slept again, but it turned to almost 20 minutes before she let me go. I was worried about the dough since it hasn’t been well mixed enough. I though it would be failed and i had to throw it ( i almost did it actually since i let it too long and it already started to raise). But as i saw the dough, i thought. Let give it some try, nothing to lose, cause i didn’t want to throw any food (i would feel so sorry to the people who are struggling to eat during this moment). So i continued to knead the raised dough until it well mixed, without any high expectation.

After several time, it raised again and it turned to a good dish actually!!! Can you imagine if i threw it away just because i thought that i would failed?? I miss the opportunity to see it succeed. So friends, sometimes we stop trying to do something because we thought that it would be failed or it came with no good result after several trials. I just want to say, Just keep doing and trying! Your effort and hardworking may not fail you! You will reach the goal that you wish for! So… never give up! It is better to see the result, whether it is succeed or failed rather than always guessing what the result will be.

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