The Perfect Gift

Hello everyone!!! This is my most favorite time of the year. Yes! It’s Christmas time. I really love the atmosphere. When i was a child, i love Christmas because of the decoration, the Santas, the gift. As i grow up, it changes. I still love Christmas moment, but it’s not because of the things that i’ve said before. For me now, Christmas is the most peaceful time of the year. It sends joy through the air. It has its magical sparkling vibe.

Christmas is not always about Santa but it always about gift. I believe you all know the story of baby Jesus who was born as a gift from the Lord to save the world. I won’t preach here 😁😁😁. But what i would like to say….Yes, it’s about the gift that we can prepare and give to our beloved one.

For the people who celebrate Christmas, some of us perhaps already prepared special gifts for our beloved people. It could be something expensive, or something that they wish to have. I even already gave and also received my Christmas gift. But what is actually the most precious gift that we can give? Is it the newest gadget? Holiday voucher? Expensive branded clothes or bag?? Toys??

Instead of it, I believe the most precious gifts are time, love, and attention. It’s priceless yet the most precious. It’s time to visit the people we love, spend some times to chit chat. It’s the time to take our children or parents for some vacations and forget our routines. It’s time to lay in bed with our partner and have a good talk. It’s time to visit our relatives, family, friends who are sick or in need. It’s time to put our gadget and play with our children. It’s time to bring hope or just encourage our friends who are in their shallow moment. It’s time to reunite with the family. It’s time to concentrate on our beloved people. It’s time to charge ourselves with love and joy. Yes… it’s time to spread love, joy and peace in this world. So what are we waiting for?? Let’s create a magical meaningful moment in this Christmas time. Let’s share the Christmas spirit.

I hope all of you have a best time of the year and enjoy your Christmas holiday with your beloved people 😊. I wish you a merry joyful Christmas 🙏🙏🙏.

Have a nice day and God bless you all 😊🙏.

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