Hello everyone! It’s the last day of the year!!! Usually we will make a flashback about what we have done or achieve in this year (actually that’s what i always do 😁) Some people may achieve success, better life, have a new relationship, or another great things. Some of us perhaps didn’t achieve anything and maybe experience some unlucky things in our life. Whatever that we experience, either good or bad, for me it’s time to counting my blessing and be grateful.

In my opinion, there are actually no good or bad experiences, but there are joyful or sad experiences. Those experiences that we’ve been through that what make us who we are now. We might pass some storm that makes our tears felt down, or even more we might want to give up, but at the end we could survive and being more stronger. At the other side, some might experience the moments full of joy and laugh. The moments that enlightening our life, that bring strength to us when the storm comes. The moments that could fill our energy. The moment that we would like to freeze it. But whatever it is, every moment is meaningful cause there must be something that we can learn to be a better person.

If we flash back, we might think what achievement that we have achieved this year or what kind of failure that happened. For some of us who gain success, they might think this is the best year, but some might think this is the worst year because of the failure. It’s easy to be grateful when we gain success, but to those who experience failure, please keep your head up and don’t give up. We can learn something from our failure in order to make things better in the future. Failure is the best teacher and none ever reach success without learning from their failure. Just keep trying n don’t give up. Remember to tank the positive energy by surrounding our live with all the positivity. Just like the wheel that goes up and down, onetime you might be at your bottom point of life, but someday if you keep trying, you could achieve the top. For those who gain success, don’t forget to be grateful, to count your blessing and share it with another. That will color your life and make it more meaningful. Remember, nothing last forever in this world, so enjoy the moment, prepare for the worst, and keep being grateful cause gratitude always enlightened our life.

If we feel that our life is flat this year, nothing special happened, just a normal boring life, there is also something to be grateful, such as health. We don’t have to stay at the hospital or experience such a painful sickness, that’s a blessing. For the food that we can have, the money we can earn, the family, love, and attention that we have, the air that we breath, the land that is peaceful to be lived, the beautiful view that we can see, the kindness of stranger that we got, the hospitality from some friends, and many more if we want to count our blessing. At the end, what makes us happy, is not always something about success, wealthiness, but it’s always something about being grateful of what we have. So if you are at the bottom point of your life this year, don’t worry because you will have a better life next year. If this year is the best year for you, don’t forget to be grateful and share your happiness to other, because you will receive more happiness.

I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and may you have a better and joyful life ahead 😊😊😊🙏.

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