The Power of Words

Hello everyone! I just want to share a story of mine. It’s about making mistake. I made some mistake few days ago. I was so careless so my second daughter felt from her bed and she was hurt for sure. It was a tough day for me. I lost my concentration because of tiredness, but i believe it was not an excuse!

At the first time after she felt down, i just feel nothing, just like dreaming, a nightmare. I believe that it was not really happening! But after i see the bruises on her forehead, i realized that this was real! I felt so guilty and i thought how awful i am as a mom! I just cried when i saw her face. I tried to comfort her and she slept for a while. She felt so tired after crying so hard. After she woke up, my second daughter already forgot the pain and smiled at me, but i kept feeling how awful i am. I kept crying when i saw her face. I did feel that i am the worst mother ever, so this accident could happen. How i blame myself and how i regretted the moment of my carelessness. How i wish time could turned back and i could avoid that bad things happened.

Suddenly, my eldest daughter came and held my shoulder. She said,”Mama, it’s nobody fault. You are just a human, and nobody is perfect. Only God who doesn’t make a mistake.” Her words enlightened my heart. My husband also said the same things. I kept crying because i felt that i was forgiven for my stupid mistake. At that moment, i swore to be a better mom each day for my daughters.

I learn a very important lesson that day. If someone judged me that time, i would feel even worse and i kept thinking that i am the worst mother ever. I would also start to punish my self. How could i be a better person, if i kept killing my soul by thinking that i am a bad person. Since there is a correlation between feeling and behavior, so the worse we feel about ourselves, the worse we behave. Luckily, i was saved by my eldest daughter n husband. I chose to forgive myself and promise to myself to be a better mom for my children. We all make mistakes, but what important is that we learn something from it so that we don’t make the same one in the future.

Then i just thought, how mighty our words of judgement to others is. We can judge someone, blame them for their mistakes, but it didn’t make them be a better person. To change someone, sometimes forgiveness and love are the most important things. When we are forgiven, we don’t forget our mistakes, but the guilty feeling won’t destroy our soul anymore. We keep reminding our mistake as a note to ourselves to be a better person in the future. For some people, being forgiven is just like having a second chance to live, to be a better person. It really means a lot! So what kind of words will we choose? A judgment of words or the words that full of forgiveness? I believe that wise words can change someone, even more, it could save a life. So i keep reminding myself to choose those kind of words, instead of judgements. Thank you my dear little angel who saved my soul!! I simply love you 😘.

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