Invisible Growth

Hello everyone! Today i got a wonderful surprise from my mini garden. I have planted this potato trees since 3 months ago, but I accidentally broke the branch, which full of leaves several weeks ago. It really looks like a dying tree, but i don’t think to throw the tree away and keep nurturing it, because i see some new leaves are growing. I thought that one day, it will grow again.

Today actually, i just want to pour water as usual, but i saw some interesting things inside of the soil. I took a bit of the soil with small spoon to see what it is, and i got a bit surprise since i don’t expect anything from this tree, just hoping that it will grow the leaves again and make my balcony a bit green by its leaves. You know what??? I found two mini potatoes. YEAYYYY!!!! I am so happy and excited.

It’s just like a new hope in my life. Actually it’s been several tough month for my work. I have done everything that i could to make people know what i am doing, to introduce my book, but it seems like it’s useless. Nobody was interested on it. The selling didn’t explode. I didn’t even sell a book for several months!!! Sometimes i feel desperate, but i don’t want to give up now, since it is my passion. I just keep learning how to do a better marketing and try to find a new idea for the marketing.

Maybe some of us also have similar experience. We have done everything that we can to do something better, to reach success, to do our job properly, to make our business run well, to reach our dream, but it seems like our efforts are useless. No result, no hope, and then we start to give up. But let me tell you something!! Keep giving your best and don’t give up!!! Perhaps something good is on its way! We just don’t see it, but it’s invisibly growing. The result won’t betray the best effort, hard-work, tears, hope that we already gave. It keeps growing, even though the growth is invisible, so we are not suppose to lose our hope in it. So keep trying our best, keep moving forward, and never lose our faith in what we are doing now!! All we need is patience, i know being patient is not easy to do, but it is indeed what we need. One day the good things will come to us as a reward, just like my mini potatoes 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😁.

Have a blessed day everyone!


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