You Are Special

Hello everybody! It’s been quite a long time and i miss to greet you all. I hope everyone is doing great 😊. Anyway, i would like to share some of my stories and i hope it could be a blessing for anyone who read this post.

Anyway, maybe some of you are wondering why did i put this photo? This is my hand, can anyone spot the difference between normal hand and my hand? Let me tell you the difference, it’s my thumbs! I have shorter and fat thumbs comparing to others. My grandma usually calls it “turtle’s head”, since it looks like it. I was upset before when she mocked me like that, but as the time went by, i laugh when she says that.

This unique thumb made me lose my confidence when i was in kindergarten till elementary school. Every Monday in my school, the teacher would check our nails to see the length and the hygiene. Usually, i hide my thumbs and just showed them the other 8 fingers, since i was so shy to show it. I was so worry about their opinion about my thumbs. Some of my friends also mocked me. That would make me sad, event though i wouldn’t cry in the front of them. Because of this uniqueness, i have lost my confidences and i ever thought would someone marry me since i have ugly thumbs.

As i grew up, i learn a lot to accept my uniqueness. I learn that we all are different and we all have our own uniqueness. I don’t have to compare myself to other. Instead of it, i need to embrace my uniqueness and find my strength. I need to optimize what i have, so that my life will be meaningful. That’s why i accept these ugly thumb as a part of me that makes me different and unique than others.

We all have our weaknesses or uniqueness, (it could be our physical weakness or another else) that make us different than others. Sometimes, we just want to be the same than other people. We don’t want to be ourselves because of our uniqueness, cause we afraid of what will people say about us. I think everybody will come to this phase of life, how to accept ourselves and be ourselves. This is an important lesson of life. If we overcome this problem, we gain our self confidence, if not, we will lose it. So how to overcome this problem? If i may share it, here are my tips :

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Keep in our mind that none is perfect. What we see sometimes it’s not what it is in reality. Every human being has their own weaknesses, so why should we compare ours to others?

2. Nobody is same like others. Everyone is unique creature. We don’t have to be the same like others, the difference that we have is something that makes us unique and special.

3. Being grateful of what we have. Gratitude makes life better and meaningful. It will bring positive thinking and emotions.

4. Find and Optimize our strength, instead of mourning our weakness. Use our strength to make the world a better place to live, so that our life will be more meaningful. To find our strength point, sometimes we need other help. So the compliment words is important! Don’t be hesitate to praise someone for their potencies.

I believe that this is not easy to be done, that’s why support from the significant people, like family, friends, is also important. Their acceptance is also needed as a significant support, so we could think that it’s ok to be different, because i have people who love me and accept whoever i am. Once we overcome this phase of life, no one could let us down anymore with our uniqueness. 😊😊😊. So embrace our uniqueness, don’t hide it or be shy of it anymore! Because being unique is special and we all are special creatures !

Have a blessed day everyone!


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