Let It Go

Yesterday i saw a video in Facebook which was so full of meaningful message for me. In that video, there was a professor who taught in a class. She held a bottle of water and asked her college students how heavy the bottle could be. Some of her students answered that the bottle could be one pound or two pounds. Then she asked what would happen if she held it for couple of minutes. Her students said that nothing would happen. Then, she asked them again, what would happen if she held it for several hours? One of her students said that her hand would be injured . Then she asked again what could happen if she held the bottle all day. One of her student answered that her hand would be severely injured.

The Professor explained that the weight of the bottle was the same during the time she held the bottle, but why could her hand be injured? Then she explained more, the matter was not on the weight of the bottle but the duration. The longer she held the bottle, the injury would be worst. It’s just like our negative emotions such as anger, hatred, disappointment, envying, etc. There is nothing wrong actually with negative emotions since it is naturally build as our reaction to something happened in our live. It makes us human beings. But the problem is how long have we hold it. The longer we keep it, the more damage will be caused by it in our lives. It could even decay our souls.

So what we should do? The answer is letting it go. I am totally agree with the professor. Just like what i have written in my previous blog about “Feel the Feeling”. Just feel the emotions, admit it, don’t deny the existence, and then let it go. The faster you let it go, the lesser bad impact that we can avoid to happen in our life. We should love our selves by letting it go. Keeping something bad will cause something even worse in our lives. Don’t let our ego ruin our happiness. Everyone deserves happiness. So if holding on to something negative would just bring us to unhappiness, why should we hold it for long time?

If we want to be happy, then we should choose happiness by reducing unhappiness in our live. Sometimes we aren’t able to change the situation, but we can choose how we react to it and what lesson can we learn from the situation to be a better person or to create a better situation in the future. It’s just like two side of coin, depends on our point of view. If we always look at the negative one, then we would fill our lives with negativity. Vice versa, if we look at the positive side, then it would develop ourselves and we would fill our live with positivity. What will we choose then? I choose positive side because i want to be a happy person 😊😊😊.

Have a nice day everyone!😊😊

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