Once upon a time, there was a little rabbit who was curious for a lot of things, especially the dark jungle. They live nearby the jungle, since their house was only separated by a river n meadow from that dark jungle. That dark jungle actually a spooky place for another animals, but it was mysterious yet challenging for the little rabbit. He planned to enter that dark jungle when he had an opportunity to do that. His parents already warned him not to play nearby the dark jungle, since it was a dangerous place. According to his parents, there was a dragon who lived in that jungle who protected a tree which had gold fruits. The little rabbit hardly to believe it, so he thought that was just a made up story so everyone would be scared to enter the jungle.

One day, he was playing a ball while his parents were harvesting their crops. Suddenly the ball rolled to the meadow nearby the river. He ran to catch the ball before it felt to the water. Since he was only a step ahead from the dark jungle, the temptation to enter it became bigger. He remembered what his parents said, but it was only several hops to reach the dark jungle. He planned to visit the jungle for a short time only and came back before his parents even noticed about him.

So he made a big jump, it was only several hop and he reached the jungle. It was getting darker as he walked into the jungle, but he wasn’t afraid at all. His heart was beating so fast because he was too excited to see what would happen next. He was hopping for a great adventure. Unluckily, he stepped on a hole and he felt. His right leg was injured, but he was still able to bear the pain. Suddenly, his parents warning was repeated again in his mind, his heart told him to leave the jungle, but his mind told him to keep walking, so he could experience something great. So he told himself that was just a misfortune and kept going on.

After several time, he finally saw a tree with gold fruits. It was mesmerizing and the fruit was so tempting. The little bunny also felt hungry, so he picked one fruit and ate it. The sound of chewing made something woke up, something big n scary. It was the dragon. The little bunny felt that something wrong was happening. He saw two red shiny evil eyes who looked so angry. Even in the dark, the little bunny could see how big the dragon was and it was so ready to kill the bunny. Realizing that he was in danger, the little bunny ran as fast as he can. Since his leg was injured, unluckily he couldn’t run too fast. The dragon shot fire several times and the little bunny’s tail and some part of his bodies were burnt because of it. The sense of death that was so closed to him, drove the life instinct of the little bunny to survive, so it made him able to ran faster. Fortunately, the little bunny could leave the jungle before he was eaten by the dragon. The dragon was locked it the jungle, he could die if he left the jungle, so the little bunny was saved outside the jungle.

With the rest of his energy, he came back home. His parents were so shocked to see his condition. His parents immediately took care of his wounds. Then he told them what he had experienced. His parents told him, “We hope that you have learnt something precious today. Something that nearly cost a life to be learnt. Something bad or unpleasant could be a better teacher for our life, so that we never forget the lesson. Probably you know you make a mistake, but you ignore it since you don’t experience something bad or you can bear the consequences. So you keep doing the same or you even make a bigger mistake, because you don’t learn something from your small mistake. A small mistake could lead to bigger mistake that could harm you more at the end. So how could we avoid making the same or bigger mistake, by learning from the consequences. So we could hold ourselves to do the same mistake, whenever the temptations come. We believe you have learnt it today and you will be a better person from now on.” The little bunny cried, his body was hurt everywhere. He regret his disobedience, but he was also grateful that he still had second chance to live. The most important things was he had learnt a lot from his mistake and he wouldn’t do the same mistake anymore.


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