I just want to say Happy Mother´s Day to all mothers. Being a mother is not an easy task to be done, but it is the most joyful yet stressful job in this world (in my opinion), even if you are a full time mom or a working mom. The role of being a mom is a lifetime job (either so by being a dad).

Carrying a baby or babies for more than 9 months is one of the toughest yet hard things also to be done. Seeing our body change because of pregnancy sometimes could be a nightmare too. Delivering our baby could be a struggle between life and dead. Raising our children would be the holy responsibility to be done. Seeing our children smile and hearing that they love us would be the happiest things for us.

so to all of the mighty MAMA all around the world, i just want to appreciate all of the things that you have given and struggled. I just want to cheer you up if the latest days could be the most hardest day of your life, just keep believing that you are a mighty woman and you can overcome all of those problems, cause you are strong person. At the end, i just wanna share this, MOTHER means for me.

M Miraculous chosen women

O She puts the Other needs above her needs

T The guardian of the family

H Hopes and fights for the best of her family

E Encouraging person for her children and husband

R always Right there when we need her the most

Have a nice blessed day on this Mother´s Day 🙂

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