Tulpita (English version) Chapter 1

This is a children story about a special fairy who doesn´t have wings. Her name is Tulpita. Although she doesn´t have any wings, she has another special things, she is more intelligent than the other fairies, she has a very kind heart, friendly, and beautiful. This is the first chapter of her stories. This chapter tells us about love and friendship. How she tries to accept her weakness as her uniqueness and tries to figure out her strengths and use it to help others.

I hope that after reading this story, children won´t always focus on their weakness but also try to figure out their strengths. We all have our weakness and strengths, all human beings does. If we only look at our weakness, it will only lead to hopeless or even depression, but if we figure out our strengths and use it to help others, we will make our life more meaningful. So we are an active agent that can choose how we want to color our life.

I hope you all enjoy it, please feel free to read and share it. God bless us all.

Nb: just click tulpita e book below the picture to read 😊

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