Happy Lunar New Year

0067ee4f-f4b2-4741-89ad-316086e9ed3cHappy Lunar New Year for all of the people who celebrate it. Personally, I also celebrate Lunar New Year since my great grandparents came from China, and it became tradition in our family. I wish you all healthiness, happiness, and wealthiness in this year of pig.

I love Lunar New Year, just like I love Christmas, cause for me, it is a moment of togetherness, when people come from all around the world to gather with their family. Unfortunately I am not able to come these several years because it’s not a holiday here in Austria.

As I was a kid, I always waited this Chinese new year to come, because I would receive a lot of red envelopes, which means I got a lot of money from the adults so I could buy whatever I wanted or just saved it. But now, although I miss the red envelopes (you don’t get any more red envelopes when you get married, instead of it, you should give the red envelopes to those who haven’t got married or to children), I miss the moment of togetherness with the whole big family. Normally, we will have dinner together with a lot of dishes on the table at the night before Lunar New Year. Then at Lunar New Year, we come to our relative’s house to greet them. Sometimes we only meet our relatives once a year. So it’s a beautiful time of togetherness for me. It’s time to spend our quality time with family and relatives. It’s time to build a moment of togetherness that will remain as a beautiful memory in our mind. Actually, we don’t only need a time or a moment like new year or xmas to visit our parents or family or even friends. Whenever we have time, as long as we still have our family member, we should spend some times to visit them, before it is too late. We should make time, because relationship could be maintained with our effort. We never know how long we or they will live. We could see them yesterday, next week but perhaps not next month or next year. So don’t forget to spend our time to visit our beloved family before it is too late and what will remain is regretful.

So once again, i wish you all who celebrate it, a wonderful, warm, and joyful Lunar new year. Have a great day all 😊

Nb: this is the main figure of my children book story that will be published in this blog soon, and her name is Tulpita.

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