Angels Without Wings

Hello everyone!!! It has been a while since my last blog. I have been busy moving from our old apartment to the new one. There were some stories that i would like to share. At the beginning, we thought it would be a hectic month for us since we didn´t use any moving service companies to help us, cause we thought that we don´t have to many things to be moved, but we were wrong. There were a lot of things to be moved and it was an exhausted month to pack all of the things, to move it and unpack the things also. We have to buy some furniture that have be assembled also. Unfortunately, i can´t help my husband a lot since i am in my third semester pregnancy.

I just pray may someone help us to do everything that we should do, and guess what? Some of our friends offered their help, to pack, to carry and even to assemble the furniture also. We are able to move to the new apartment in time, just because their help. Because of it, some thought came to my mind.

Sometimes, we are waiting for a big miracle to come in our life, angelsuch as, an angel who will be sent directly from heaven to do a miracle, or an instant miracle so that we just have to sit down, relax, and everything will do the job by itself, but we are wrong if we just expect something will run that way. Sometimes, God just offer His help through His angels in this world. They are who i call as angels without wings, their wings are invisible, but they are the angels that have been sent to help us in our difficult or hard moment. God has sent us three wonderful angels to help us, they are our friends who have been through thick and thin moment with us.

If we are quite sensitive enough to feel their presence, we will see that there are a lot of angel without wings around us. It could be our neighbor, our friends, our parents, our children, our relatives, our colleagues, even a stranger. They are the presence of God in this world, as His angels with an invisible wings. So miracle does happen in this world, small one even happens daily in our life, we just have to be aware of it. We could also be someone´s angel without wings by offering our help or kindness. Believe me, this kind of things, the kindness, i mean, will be spread, just like a stick relay.

So, just pray and believe that your miracle is on their way to come, and also be aware of the presence by opening our eyes and heart. After that, don´t forget to be grateful for it.

Have a great day everyone 🙂


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