A Baby was born

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post. I had a great holiday in my home country, Indonesia. Beside that, i am busy also with my baby project, it is called Tulpita. My baby was finally born at the first of September. I have worked for it since last year with a lot of struggle, whether to make it published or not. I tried to send my story to some famous publisher but they rejected it because it was not commercial enough. Then the other option came, am i going to publish it by my self or just keep the file in my laptop. Finally, i gathered all of my confidence to publish it by my self. Here it is, my first book, TULPITA.


This book was inspired by my daughter since she liked me to make a story before her bedtime. I sent this story to a writing competition also in my neighborhood and it won a special price, so i thought that it might be a good story to be shared. Unluckily, the famous publisher in my country didn´t think the same, so nobody wanted to publish my story.

At the first time, it was hard for me to find an illustrator for my story, but by His Grace, someone introduced me to an illustrator, he was also a newbie illustrator, but i like his drawings a lot. He is so talented and we have a same vision about the main figure, Tulpita, it self, so i asked him to make the illustration for my story, and he agreed to help me. After 6 months, the illustration was done, but another problem came, i didn´t know how to edit the picture. I learnt through YouTube and searched the friendly software to edit picture for newbie like me. I didn´t have any experience also to edit the language, but i read and read the story again a lot of time, i read it out loud just to hear how it sounded when people read it. Then i tried to edit it so that it would be nicer to hear. After that, other problem also came, i didn´t have enough capital to publish the book. Fortunately, my brother and my husband helped me a lot with the capital, so i could manage to publish it. At the first time, i also felt worry if somebody wanted to buy it or not, but the support that has been given by my family (esp my husband), that encouraged me and kept me moving forward to publish it. Once again, i believe that it was only by His Grace so everything could be managed in His time.


So who is Tulpita actually? Tulpita is a fairy, a special one, because she is different than another fairy who has a pair of wings. Unluckily, she was born from a very rare flower and she didn´t have any wings. She realized her differences when she saw the other little fairy learn how to fly. She was sad, but her parents encouraged her to see that she had another strength instead of her weakness. She was so intelligent and kind. In the future, she used her strength to help other fairy and it made her life became meaningful. But there was one fairy who was jealous of her, she said something bad to break Tulpita´s heart. Tulpita was really sad, but her mother told her to keep being nice whether people treat you good or bad, because oneday, they would see something good inside her and they would be her friends. Oneday, there was an accident and Her jealous friend was hurt so bad, Tulpita helped her without considering what her friend had done previously to her. Her friend finally saw something good inside Tulpita and they became best friend.

When i wrote this story, actually i was at my bottom point of life. I was asking my self what could i do to make my life meaningful. I couldn´t get any job because of eduational background and language problem in the new country which i moved in. I lost my self confidence when i saw the success that had been reached by my friends. I felt that i was nothing. But then, i tried a lot to see something different, a new point of view. I tried to find what i could do, instead of being depressed with my weakness or something that i didn´t have. At that time, i was thinking, if i kept being depressed, my family would lose me. I couldn´t make my family happy if i was not happy. So i tried to stand up and see what i could do.

I found that i was good in learning, i love learning and i like writing. Then, a thought came by, why don´t i write down all of the things that i have learnt in this life. So i tried to make it more interesting by making a story which contained the things that the life has taught me. I would like to share it also, perhaps it could encourage another people who lose him/her self. I believe a lot of people out there struggling a lot to accept themselves, to accept their weakness and dealing with it.

We all, as a human, have our own weaknesses, but we also have our strength. Focusing to our weakness point could lead to self introspection (it is good), or depression (if we keep comparing ourselves to other). So in order to avoid this depression, we have to find something good inside ourselves that could be developed. Everyone has it, i believe it! If we couldn´t find it by ourselves, it is fine to ask for other people´s help. We all need other people in our life, none could life alone! Then the next point that important is accepting our weakness and focus to develop our strength. Be grateful if you find your strength point, because not all people could fine it. After that, use your strength point to help others, so that our life will be meaningful. That was the things that i have learnt during writing this book and that i would like to share also.

After publishing the book, i was afraid also if someone wants to buy it or not. I am still dealing with the marketing, since i do everything alone, but after seeing the positive review of my book from several friends, they felt that this book has blessed their life, i realized that the number of selling was not really the most important point anymore, but knowing that the story could bless other life, brings me happiness and joy that i could not ever imagine. I hope that i could bless more and more people and family, especially children.

So keep positive thinking and never give up to find something good inside you that could be shared to bless other´s life.

Have a nice day everyone, God bless you all !

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