The Reward of Patience

Once upon a time, there lived two princesses in a kingdom, who actually were twin sisters. The bigger sister, who was born 2 minutes earlier, called Miriam, and the younger sister called Mary. They loved each other a lot and always spent their time playing together.

On one sunny day, his father took them to the city, to see how the city looked like. The twins were so excited. They looked around with their big opened eyes, they asked a lot about anything that made them curious. They were also so excited when they saw the things that were sold in the market. They tried on some pretty dresses, they played with the animals in the cage, they bought some fresh fruits, and so on.

Then Miriam saw some children were eating ice cream. She wanted to eat also, then she asked her father to buy her some ice cream, but the father refused to buy it because he already planned to go to the famous ice cream cafe after visiting the market. Unfortunately, Miriam couldn´t wait, she asked and asked again. Then the father said, “You will get the better one in just a moment, but if you keep asking, then i will buy you that ice cream, in one condition, you will not get another ice cream later, since you already decide to buy this one, okay!”. Miriam agreed to do it, then her father bought her one scoop of strawberry ice cream. Mary was tempted to buy also, but she remembered what her father said, she would get a better one later and she believed in her father, so she decided to wait for it patiently.

After visiting the market, as it had been promised, the king took her daughter to a famous ice cream cafe in that city. The king ordered only two glass of ice cream sundae with full of chocolate cream, wafers, and also chocolate marshmallow. sundaeWhen the order came, Miriam was so tempted also to try, because it looked so delicious. It was certainly better than what she had before. Unluckily the ice cream was just for his father and Mary, nothing for Miriam. She thought that her father was not really serious with his words before. Then she asked, “Why don´t you order one also for me? It´s not fair that you ordered it for Mary but not for me.”

Then her father said, “Don´t you remember what i said before? You already got what you asked, you already ate yours. Mary has waited patiently for hers and this is what she got. I told you before that i would buy you a better one, but you decided to have that one, so you have to deal with your own decision.” Miriam was so upset with her self, if she could wait for a couple minutes, she would get a better one for sure. After the father and Mary finished their ice cream, they went home to the palace.

The next day, the king gave his daughter two packs of plant´s seeds. They had to plant it at the garden. Both of them were so excited to do it. Mary and Miriam chose to plant their seeds side by side at the corner of the garden. Their father told them that the seeds would be a beautiful plant and each one of them who took a good care of the plant would be rewarded. It made them more excited.

So Mary and Miriam took a good care of their seeds. They watered the soil everyday and observed if the buds had grown. Unfortunately, after several days, nothing happened and Miriam got bored to do the routine, so she abandoned hers, but Mary patiently took care of hers. She kept watering it and even put some fertilizer. She observed her plant everyday until her skin became darker, but her patience had never failed her.

Oneday, small buds came out from the ground, Mary was so happy to see it. She kept watering it and taking a good care of it until the plants grew bigger and stronger. Actually the plant was sun flower. Right after it bloomed, Mary received her reward as it had been promised by her father. The king gave her a beautiful tiara which made of gold and precious jewels. Miriam was so jealous when she saw the reward, then she said to his father, “You have one also for me, don´t you, daddy?”

The king shook his head, and said, “No, i don´t my dear, i have said before that i will give the reward only if you take a good care of the seeds, but unfortunately you don´t do it.” Miriam became so upset and she said angrily, “Why do you become so unfair to us, ooo, maybe because you love Mary more than me, don´t you?” then she started to cry.

Her father hug the upset Miriam, and looked into her eyes, then he said, “No, i love both of you the same way. As you see, Mary has worked a lot to receive her reward. The sun has burnt her skin, so it becomes darker than yours. Look at her nails, it was ruined because she took care of her plants. Do you think that she deserve to get something for her patience and hard work?” Miriam never noticed her twin changes if her father didn´t told her.

Then the father said, “I am the one who will be unfair if she didn´t get what she deserves. There are some things that Mary has more than you, they are patience and persistency. I believe you learn something precious today, my dear. Those two things are needed in life, because sometimes, you have to wait for a better things to come in your life and it needs patience and persistency to give your best. One things that also important is believing that the good things might come.”

Miriam stopped crying, Mary hugged her sister and let her borrowed the tiara for a while. Miriam learnt a lot of things that day. She realized that sometimes she was so impatient to wait so she always got less good things. If she patiently waited just like what her twin did, she would get the better things. Good things comes to those who believe, being patient, and keep giving their best.

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