Mystery of Life

I received a news of grief on last Sunday, my uncle passed away after several months fighting for his disease. This news was just like a thunder in the shiny day for us, especially for my grandmother. I wish I could be there to comfort her, but unluckily I live far away from her.

This grieving news makes metime think that how short our life could be. Death is the end for every life. No matter how hard we try to extend our life by living healthy, medicine, or another treatments, but death will come to us soon or later. No one knows about when our time will come. It is really a mystery of life. The doctor might predict it to their terminal illness patients, but no one knows for sure the exact time of our ending.

Death surely would not be the favorite topic to be discussed, not even to be said. Some of us avoid to speak about it, or could be taboo to be spoken, but in reality, it is happening everyday in all over the world. We all have limited time in this world. Our life could be like a flower in the meadow. One day it could bloom so beautifully, but it will die the other day. Just like a dust in our hands that could disappear whenever we blow it.

That things make me think a lot. We may feel afraid of death, who won’t? whenever we think about it, the negative feelings will spread in our heart just like a vampire who will suck our energy of life and happiness. But it’s nature that surely happen. We have to prepare our life and we have to know that we will not live forever. Nothing is eternal on this earth.

As we know that it will be the end of our journey in this world, so we have to live a meaningful life so that when we come to our creature, we have been responsible for the life that has been given to us. What we should do is not feeling afraid everyday and waiting when the time will come. Instead of it, we should fill our life with something useful and meaningful, not only for us, but also for others. Spend a lot more times with the people we love, find a job that we love, help and care for others more, do something that we really want to do,  or other meaningful things, so that we will regret nothing at the end of our journey. Do the best in everything just like there will be no tomorrow, left a good memory of our life as a legacy so whoever think about us, will smile. That´s mean that it doesn´t matter how long we live, what matter is how do we live our life.

Let us not be haunted of the death, as it is the most certain things that will be happened in every single life. More than it, we have to accept it and make peace with it. When we already make peace with it, I believe that we will appreciate our life better than before and we will fill our life with something meaningful. It’s no use to think when will it come, since nobody could even break or reveal the mystery. So let us use our time wisely to make a wonderful journey on this earth with the people that we love.

Just start our day with positive thinking and energy, and also fill our life with love and meaningful things.

Have a blessed day everyone!


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