There was a time when raining was rare in a certain area, so that the area was in danger of drought. The trees and grasses were withered and the animals were getting thinner. The people in that area were praying a lot for rain but it had never rained for 3 months. The soil also began to crack since it was too dry. Some people predicted that there would be no future if they kept staying in that area, so they tried to find another place which was better to live.

As some of them found the new place that brought hope, they started to move to that new area. They left most of their belonging in the previous area so that they didn´t have to take a lot of things with them since the new area was a bit far. They were ready to start a new better life in the new place. As one by one starting to leave the old hometown, there were two best friends who decided to stay because they were afraid to move. They were doubtful that they would get a better life in the new place since they had everything at that time.

As the time went by, the drought became worse, there were no living plants anymore, the animals drought-711651_960_720were dying also. The first man were starting to doubt his decision to stay. He asked his bestfriend, “It is getting worse, did we make a good decision to keep staying here?”, then his best friends answered him, “I am sure that we made a good decision, we just have to wait for a couple more time and I believe that God will give rain soon. Believe me! I have prayed a lot for it.” The first man remained silent, but he started to think about moving.

As their last animals died because of the drought and they were running out of water at their own home, the first man finally decided to move. Then he said to his best friend, “I am sorry dear friend, I think that it´s time for us to move, we have been waiting for a long time but it didn´t rain. We have to move before we are going to die.” But his friend was so persistence to stay. He answered, ” No, you may leave this place, but I won´t. I won´t leave everything that I have here, to go to somewhere else and starting again from zero.”

The first man was so sad to hear his best friend´s decision, but he couldn´t do anything to change his friend´s mind, he couldn´t stay longer in that place also since he realized that there was useless to keep waiting for rain. So he packed his belonging, he just took several precious things and water, then he moved away. He left his best friend in their home town with a hard feeling.

Several days went by, the first man finally reached the new place that had been told by the other people. They were totally right. The new place offered a certainly better future for all of them. The view of the mountain and valley were so mesmerizing. The new place was located nearby the river. All people who moved to that new place had even better life than before. Each of them had their own garden and the plants grew so well. They harvested their crops several times in only several months. It was really a better life.

The first man started to pick his own ground and built a house. His neighbor helped him also. In only a month, his house was ready to be stayed and it was even bigger than before. He also had bigger garden. While he was working in the garden, suddenly he remembered his best friend and wondered if his best friend could make it or not. He had to tell his best friend about this new place which was better than his friend´s thought. So he decided to come back to his hometown.

When he reached his hometown, he saw something that broke his heart. His best friend was lying on the ground. He thought that his best friend already died, but when the first man touched his friends, the heart was still beating even though it was weak. The first man saw a hope, so he took his friend´s cart and he put his friend there. “Hang on buddy, I will take you to a new better place. Don´t worry, you will certainly have more than you have here.” he said to his best friend.

Even though, it was really exhausted to push the cart with his best friend in it, but he kept pushing it because he knew that a better life was waiting for them. Several exhausting days went by and they finally reached the new place. Some people helped them and took care of the dying friend. The first man also needed several days to recover his own body, but both of them were getting better day by day.

When his best friend gained his conscious, the first man was so happy and then he told his best friend what had happened, how he found him dying, and took him to the new place. His best friend was so confused and full of doubt. The first man helped his friend to stand, so that he could see how beautiful the new place was. As his best friend saw the beauty with his own eyes, he started to believe that he could get a better life here. He realized also that his friend had saved his life. If the first man didn´t take him to the new place, he would certainly die there. His best friend thanked the first man. He also got his own lesson that sometimes we had to move to another place and left the things that we had to get a better living. It needed courage to move from our comfort zone and we had to fight our own fear, but sometimes the reality it self wasn´t as scary as our thought. If we worked hard and believe, we could achieved a better life and even more, we could develop our selves in a new place. That thing was only possible to be happened if we moved on.

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