My Starting Point

Since I was teenager, I have had a dream that oneday I could become a writer. At that time, I wished to be a big writer such as J.K.Rowling, or another famous writers in my country. I did hoped that my books could be sold in many bookstores in my country. After that, I started to chase my dream by writing a novel, teenager kind of romance books. It needed more than 3 months to finish a book. As I finished writing it, I sent it to several publisher, but unluckily I received negative reply. They rejected my book.

I thought I should learn more to write at that time. So I kept writing and I finished another teenager romance novel few months later. I sent it again to some publishers, but the result was same, they rejected my book. After two times of trials and failed, I decided to stop writing cause I thought it was useless. Nobody wanted to publish it. Maybe I was not a good writer, so I stopped writing.

Several years went by, I concentrated on studying and I received my Master Degree in Psychology. I made a lot of psychological reports and I enjoyed writing, but I didn´t realize that I did love writing that´s why I enjoyed making the reports no matter how plenty it were.

I began to write again when my father passed away. I wrote again a novel that described how I felt during that mourning period. Actually, writing helped me to heal my broken heart and soul. I cried a lot when I wrote the moment when I had to let my father went away for eternity, but it did help me to overcome the pain. So I can say that writing is a healing process. By writing, I learn more about my feeling and my self. Just like a self introspection and it makes me grow.

As I finished to write my story, I tried again to send it to several publisher, but the result is still the same. They rejected it, but it´s okay for me. That book may never be published, but that book is a witness of a healing process and a prove that I have learnt so much from my life and my pain. I keep writing.

One day, an oppimg_1299ortunity came by. There was a writing competition in the district where I live and I joined it. I wrote a story of a fairy who hasn´t any wings, but she has something special that the other fairies don´t have it, they are kindness and intelligent. Actually, I have no self confidence at all about winning, I just write it and I dedicated this story to my lovely daughter, because she is the biggest inspiration in my life. Luckily, this story touched the judge´s hearts and I won. I have never imagined that an immigrant like me, who don´t speak their language well, could ever win the competition. It was not a big event, but it really gave me motivation to write. At least, someone thought that my story was touching.

That things make me realize of something important. Sometimes, we hope that we will make a big step to reach our dream, hopefully only one single step to achieve it. But in fact, we need a lot of small steps to reach it and also a lot of patience, courage, and hardwork. By walking step by step, I believe that we come closer to our dream, but we have to move, not only hoping and standing still. It is really okay if we never achieve it, what really important is at least we try, so we will never regret it. It´s also okay, if we just reach part or our dream, at least we do something that meaningful for our life is.

Now, as I can say, I haven´t achieved my dream but I am walking to it. Perhaps i may not be a big and famous writer as J.K. Rowling, but I will keep writing something that could encourage people and perhaps inspire them. I believe one day a lot of people will know my story and I hope that it could bless them. So I will keep walking and believing.

Have a blessed day everyone!


p.s. : I wrote this blog to remind me about my purpose of writing.

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