The Different Side of Things

It´s May and it´s spring time, actually it is more like summer than spring, because I think that the weather is too warm for spring. Practically, spring lasted to short this year, only about 3 weeks and the rest of it, is just summer weather. I´m not complaining for it, because I love both spring and summer. I will share some photos of the blooming flowers around my neighborhood. Isn´t it lovely?

As I said before, spring is the most beautiful time for me in the year, because every plant becomes so green and the flowers bloom so beautifully, it creates a beautiful scenery everywhere I see. The weather is also nice, I don´t have to wear a lot of clothes anymore. How great it is! But finally, I found something that I don´t really like about spring. The pollen dust and finally this year, it makes me sneeze a lot. Every window becomes so yellow and I have to clean the area around the window everyday, or I will sneeze a lot.

It brings a thought in my mind. Everything that I thought it was perfect, has also a crack in it, so nothing is actually perfect. This thing also reminds me about my friend´s story. As a writer, I thought, he is a success writer. He comes from well educated family and a lot of people respect him because he is also a lecture and a good person. I thought his life is a perfect life. He has a beautiful wife, who is also a success writer. I thought they had everything that they wished in their life, until I read their book.

The book told me about how hard they had struggled to have a child. They have already married for 11 years and they also have tried a lot of things to have a baby, a lot of baby program in several countries, but failed. They had a lot of doctor, spent a lot of money for it, done a lot of exhausting trials (for mind and body), but there were no positive results. In their depressed moment, they did something useful instead of throwing their anger and disappointed feeling to something destructive. They wrote their story into a book that tell the reader about their struggling. Their book is so emotional, so everyone who reads it, can feel their feeling. It touched my heart.

At the time that they almost gave up, they decided to give a last chance. They went to a local hospital and tried to do In Vitro Fertilisation. Thanks God, it worked! at their 11th wedding anniversary, his wife finally got pregnant. Now their daughter is around 15 months.

Their story makes me realize a lot of things in this life, if I may share the things, here are those :

  1. Nothing as perfect as we seen. Sometimes we thought that other people have a perfect life that we wish for, but we don´t even live their life to know about their struggling. Every person has their own struggling. So just be grateful with our life and enjoy it.
  2. Never give up for something that we really wish for. Keep trying and the good things will come at the end if we don´t give up. If my friend gave up that time, they will never see their daughter, but thanks God, they don´t.
  3. Some people said that when there is a life, there will be a hope, but my friend told me that because of a hope, there will be life. I´m quite agree with him. A hope could bring a life, just like he did.
  4. Always think positive so the positive things will come to our life. Negative thinking is also needed sometimes, to make us cautious and aware, but give more portion to positive thinking than negative one.
  5. We will always find good and bad things in anything, it´s just like two sides of coin. With it, the life meets its balance.
  6. Writing is a healing method for a broken soul. By writing, we can do self introspection and it will make us grow and become more mature.

At the end, life is the best teacher if we want to learn from it. Other people´s experience is also a good teacher, so just open our ears and heart to hear. Probably, we can learn something precious from it.

Have a beautiful blessed day everyone !



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