Balancing the Life

I found lately that nowadays life becomes hard to live and more stressful. There are a lot of demands to be met, a lot of pressure that have to be overcome, and a lot of things that make us easily stress. As I spoke to some people, I found also that people became easily unhappy lately, because of the pressure of life. If I may conclude, there are some sources of unhappiness that I found :

  1. Comparing your life to another. There are always some people that live like a fairytale. They have everything that we want, they achieve anything that we hope. In other side, we have worked as hard as we can, we are still so far from their life. So sometimes, we are jealous with their life and their luck.
  2. Our extravagant lifestyle. We live with a lifestyle that we are not even able to afford, but we force to live that kind of lifestyle in order to gain respect or praise from others.
  3. Too much expectation, but unluckily our ability to achieve it is not comparable. We always expect to have more in life. More fancy cars or houses, a better job, more popularity, more vacation to an exotic place with luxurious resort, higher education, higher target to achieve, etc. We expect always more and more. Some of us even work harder without care of their own health in order to reach a higher state of life. There is nothing wrong to expect something better in our life for sure, but if our ability to achieve it isn´t comparable with our expectation, that would become a problem or a stressor in life.
  4. Too much worries and anxieties. We always afraid of what will happen in the future. Can we live comfortable in the future, is our life safe? Is there any guarantee of a secure life then?

If I may scalessay, all of things come from our mind, we create it actually. Our mind creates a lot of things that make our life unbalance. This unbalancing life would create unhappiness and also stress. So in other words, we are the creator of our own unhappiness and stress. Sometimes we are not a master of our mind, but a servant of it. We let our mind to create something which is even scarier than the reality. So first of all, we should be the master of our mind. We have a power to control our mind, to create balance in our life.

As I thought and discussed with some people, I have some tips to reach balance in our life, that I would like to share, here are they :

  1. Always be grateful of what we have and what we have achieved. We will always find sky above sky, so there will always be people who are more in everything than us. Just stop comparing our life to them, because we don´t even live in their life so what we think, could be different in reality. We don´t know how hard their struggling to have what they have now, we just see the result sometimes. So stop comparing our life. If we can´t to compare, we should find the balance then. Don´t forget to see people who are unluckier than us, who have less than us, so we would feel grateful of our life. We could hurt our neck if we always look above, so we also need to look down to get the balance.
  2. Just live a life that we could afford. Don´t live a life that make you suffer only to get a praise or respect from others. People don´t respect someone because they look rich or extravagant, but we will gain respect if show respect to others, good manner, self integrity, and respectful attitude. Those attributes that you wear is just a mask that won´t last forever.  So instead of pampering our lifestyle to gain respect, it´s better to develop our selves, our mind, and our personality first. The development of ourselves and personality, those are the things that will be remained and remembered by others.
  3. We can´t always control our situation, but we can control our mind. Like I said before, we have a power to be a master of our mind and thought. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, that´s why future could be a monster for some people, so just do the best today and the future will be just fine. If the anxiety of the future comes and disturb our life, just think something that make us relax, something that could reduce our anxiety. Develop a thought in our mind that we can survive till know because we already went through the past, so we could also handle our future if we do our best today. Of course life will not always offer something sweet, sometimes things doesn´t run as our will and the situation becomes so stressful, but remember nothing last forever, like the clouds that always move.
  4. Expect something better is a good things that will motivate us and develop us, but don´t forget to prepare for the worst also. It´s also better to think that there are also possibilities that we aren´t able to achieve our expectation, so we should have plan B or even C and D, instead of only plan A. The other things that we could do is, make a list of our expectation from something small to something bigger and then make a checklist if we can achieve it. Just start from something small first, then when we reach the bigger one, we will realize how far we go.
  5. Think something that we can do, instead of what we can´t. Just do our best and stop thinking of making mistake or failure and  i believe that the result will never fail us.
  6. A good suggestion from a friend that i would like to add is stay close to the people who give good vibes in our life. There must be some circumstances that will give us stress or will take us down. That positive vibe and also support that they give will bring us up and give us strength to go through all of circumstances in our life (thanks to Kak Baby).

This is also a note to remind myself, I hope that this note could also help others. So enjoy our life, find the balance, and keep doing the best.

Have a blessed day everyone!!!





  1. Thank you for sharing this valuable “reminder” de, a minor addition to your tips, “stay close to all people who gave you positive energy and vibe!!!

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