Funky Robot Clowns

Once upon a time, there was a boy, named Mory. He was a shy boy because he was bigger than the other boy at his age and his friends liked to mock him as a giant. Because of it, he stopped smiling so his face always looked like an angry boy. It made other children scared of him, so none of his friends had any courage to step closer to him.  

One time, Mory was invited to his cousin´s birthday party. There was a clown at that party that fascinated him. The clown´s make up was actually a bit scary for children. Some children were crying when they saw the clown. In several minutes later, Mory saw something that mesmerized him. With the clown attitude, gestures, some games and tricks that he showed, he was able to attracted the children so the children laughed a lot and enjoyed the party because of the clown. Since that moment, Mory had a dream. He would like to be a clown when he grew up so nobody would be scared of him anymore.

As the time went by, Mory learnt everything to be a good clown. He practiced everyday to ride a unicycle, to juggle any things, to spin plates on a long stick. He had also learnt some magic tricks. At the age of 18, Mory was accepted to enter a clown college in his town because of his remarkable skills. There were a lot of subject that he should learn more, but there were three important subjects that should be passed to graduate, they were creativity, uniqueness, and entertainment.

He was so good at almost all subjects. He was the best juggler, he was also unique with his extraordinary skill of riding unicycle, and he could spin four plate on four sticks simultaneously. He was one step ahead than his friends and he could graduate faster than the others, but unluckily he failed in one important subject. He finally realized that he was lack of one thing, that would be entertaining skills. He didn´t have that natural talent of entertaining people, either by his gesture or his facial expression. Every time, when Mory performed, the entertaining parameter, which was called as Funometer, showed that he wasn´t funny or entertaining at all. Nobody laughed when he performed something. He tried so much to make silly face to entertain people, but with his big body and scary expression what people saw was just like an anger expression of a murder in serial killer movies. Children always cried when Mory was the clown in their party, so nobody wanted to invited him. Because of it, he wouldn´t be able to graduate from the college if he didn´t pass this entertainment subject.

Mory was so desperate, he was so disappointed with his self. He didn´t know what to do to fix his problem. There was something that really concerned him also, the final project. If he was not able to make the audience laugh at his final project he would certainly fail to graduate. With a depressed feeling, Mory walked to the college´s hall. He wanted to think alone to find something that he could do to solve his problem. He wanted also to give his last effort by practicing in the front of Funometer, so he would know if he made any progress with the result of the entertaining parameter.

At the hall, there was actually an examination for the other clown students. They had to perform how to juggle, spin a plate on a stick, and magic tricks. Mory decided to be one of the audiences, he hoped that he could learn something from his friends. The other clown student was showing his clown skills, but it was really the clumsiest clown that Mory had ever seen. When he juggled, he failed to catch the bowling pin, so it hit his toe. That clumsiest clown felt pain, it clearly showed in his face, but the audience laughed at him. When the clumsiest clown tried to spin the plate on the sticks, the plate fell down and broke into pieces, but it also made people laughed.

The last thing that the clumsiest clown should perform was magic tricks. He showed a hat to the audience. The hat was empty and then he put his handkerchief in it. He should pulled the handkerchief from the hat and the handkerchief should turn to various color and became longer. But when the clumsiest clown pulled it, nothing happened, the handkerchief stayed the same. The clumsiest clown was actually confuse, but his expressions made the audiences laughed again. Mory was really amazed by it. He knew that this clumsiest clown was actually failed to perform any clown skills, but he was able to amuse the audience since the beginning.

After the examination, the results was announced, and as Mory predicted, that clumsiest clown failed at almost all subjects, but he was the best entertainer of all clown who did the examination that day. The clumsiest clown was dissapointed. He was sitting on the hall´s bench and remained there even the other person already left the hall. Mory understood that feeling a lot, he had empathy for the clumsiest clown.

Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to his mind, Mory felt so enthusiastic because of it. So he came closer to the clumsiest clown and tried to offer his idea.

“Hello, my name is Mory. I am sorry to disturb you, but I would like to offer you something, something that could save both of us at final project.” said Mory.

“I´ve heard about you, the best juggler in the whole college. Anyway. what make you think that i will agree with your idea?” asked Joya, the clumsiest clown.

“You have something that I don´t have and so do i. Our collaboration might be the greatest show. What do you think?” asked Mory

Joya thought for a while, he considered Mory´s offer seriously. Then he gave his hand to Mory and smiled. “Partner. By the way, my name is Joya.” Said Joya.

“Yes, Joya, we are a team now.” Said Mory and he shook Joya´s hand. They agreed to make a collaboration for their final project.

After that day, Mory and Joya spent a lot of time to brainstorm about what kind of show that they would perform. They thought hard about something that was unique and also entertaining. Mory tried to combine Joya´s strength with his strength and tried to cover their own weaknesses. Finally, some cool ideas came to Mory´s mind. He suggested them to perform as robot clown for their final project. Mory would be a robot who was controlled by Joya, so Mory didn´t have to make any facial expression. On the other side, Joya was the one who would show a lot of silly expressions, but he didn´t need to perform anything. They practiced so hard to give the best performance later.

At last, the final day to perforclownsm their final project came. Mory and Joya were so excited when their names were called. Mory and Joya were nervous when they saw a lot of audiences, especially children, sat in the front of them. There were three senior clowns also who became the judges. They could pass if they got good score from the three senior clowns, positive reaction from the audiences, and good score from the Funometer. The clown student´s performance would be evaluated from their originality, creativity, entertainment, and uniqueness.

As practiced before, Joya was the controller and Mory was his robot. Joya pressed some buttons on his remote control, then Mory started to juggle with two plates of cake. Suddenly, with an naughty face, Joya pressed the “pause” button, so Mory stopped to juggle and the cake landed successfully on Mory´s face. Joya laughed at Mory, so does the audiences.

After that, Joya pressed another button and Mory started to ride his unicycle. Mory held two sticks with two plastic bowls of water on it. Joya pretended pressing “Previous” and “next” button on his remote, so Mory was moving back and forth for several minutes. Then Joya make that naughty face again, he pressed  the “pause” button again. Suddenly, Mory stopped, but unluckily the plastic bowls of water fell to Joya´s head, so water was spilled on Joya´s face. Joya showed a shock expression because he was wet. It made everyone laughed so hard.

For the last performance, they would show a magic trick using a handkerchief. Mory was standing behind a table with a hat on it, while Joya was pressing “Play” button on his remote. Mory put a white handkerchief inside the hat, and then he pulled it out. The handkerchief became longer and colorful, but at some point, Mory looked like that he had a problem to pull out that handkerchief, just like it was stuck. Joya came closer and then he tried to see what was going on. He helped Mory to pull, and it worked, but something came out from that hat and it made Joya screamed. It was not handkerchief more, but a frog which was successfully landed on Joya´s face. It made everybody laughed so hard till their tears fell and their stomachs hurt.  

Everybody gave both of them standing ovation. Their synergy was success to steal the audience´s heart. It was so funny and entertaining. Some of their colleagues protested because their didn´t perform individually like the other did. Since, there was no rule that they should perform individually, so the judges didn´t take the protest seriously. Mory and Joya were awarded as the best performance and they received the highest points. Finally, Mory and Joya were able to graduate from the clown college with Cum Laude predicate. Since then, they became so famous and they were known as Funky Robot Clowns.


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