Between Pride and Apologizing

Once upon a time, there was a girl, named Charla, who was a daughter of very rich entrepreneur in her country. Charla was so pretty, but unfortunately nobody wanted to be her friends, because she was so arrogant. Only her maid, Lotta, who became her friends, but Charla didn´t treat Lotta nicely also. She was also rude to her, but Lotta couldn´t do anything to disagree or protest, since her parents worked to Charla´s parents.

Charla had everything that she wanted, but she was actually lonely because her parents were seldom at house and accompanied her. She met her parents only at dinner and it happened two or three times a week. No one told her how to nicely behave and since she had everything easily, she had never learnt to appreciate or respect something, include other people. Her parents really pampered her with wealthy to replace their existence.

Lotta who was always be beside Charla, knew that her master was actually lack of his parent´s love. She felt pity of her. Charla had everything but she didn´t really have something that she was longing for, her parent´s attention and affection. She was luckier than Charla, because even though she came from poor family, but her family was full of warmth and love.

One day, there was an announcement that their country would be visited by a prince from a very famous kingdom, but they wouldn´t publish the prince´s face for his privacy, so nobody knew what the prince looked like. Charla was so excited because his family received an invitation to have a dinner with the royal family. She had a dream that one day she could marry a prince and became a princess or even a queen.

So she decided to buy some new beautiful yet elegant dresses to attract the prince´s attention. She asked Lotta to go shopping with her. They went to one famous boutique to another for almost three hours. Unfortunately, Charla hadn´t found the perfect dress that she wished, although she already bought a lot of things. Lotta was so tired to carry those things, but she kept it in her heart.

Since Charla bought more things and asked Lotta to carry it, Lotta couldn´t see the street in the front of her because of those piles of boxes that she should carry. Lotta bumped into someone and she lost her balance. All the boxes that she carried, felt down, and so did Lotta. Unluckily, the person that she bumped into, felt down also. It was a young man but he looked so untidy and dirty, just like a beggar. Lotta was apologizing because she didn´t see the young man.

Charla heard some noise behind her back, she turned around to see what happened. When she realized what really happened, she became so angry. Almost all stuffs that she bought, came out of the box and were dirty. She scolded “Have you lost your sight?? How is this could happen?!! I am sure you would get your punishment later, stupid maid!”. Charla almost slapped Lotta´s cheek if the young man didn´t stand up and defend Lotta, “It´s not her fault, she was carrying so many things, and I also didn´t  notice her presence. If you would blame someone for what happened just now, you should blame me. I will take any responsibility of it” said the young man bravely.

Charla looked at the young man´s eyes deeply with a fire in her eyes. Then Charla said with a deep voice that was tended to insult the young man, “You would like to take responsibility?? With what?? You just a poor and useless beggar, just go into the mud, that´s where you supposed to be!!” Then Charla pushed the young man with all of her anger.

The young man felt again, but now he felt into a puddle on the street. The young man didn´t notice that there was a horse carriage only few meter in the front of him. The coachman was so surprised because of it, and he tried his best to stop the horses. Unfortunately, it was too late, the horses were so shocked, then one of the horse stepped its leg on the young man´s thigh and broke his bones. The young man screamed painfully, a lot of people came to help him, but Charla didn´t care.

Lotta was so shocked and wanted to help the young man, but Charla shouted to her that she should tidy up the mess  of her belongings and she pushed Lotta to walk. Lotta felt so sorry to the young man, but she couldn´t do something. Charla kept shopping until she found the dresses that she wished.

After they went home, there was an unwanted surprise that had been waiting for Charla. Two police officers were standing at her house door and asked Charla to come with her. Charla´s parents were there, but they didn´t do anything to stop the police officers. Charla was so confused and she shouted for help, but nobody helped her. The police officers took Charla into their horse carriage. Charla didn´t have any ide where they would take her, nor did she know what kind of mistake she already did. Her body shook because she was so afraid.

After a while, the horse carriage stopped at a building, it was a hospital. Charla didn´t know why they took her there. The police officers brought Charla into a place which was filled with famous politicians and other people that she had ever met. The police officers opened a room and then they bowed respectfully when they saw two people with crown on their heads. Charla suddenly realized that they are king and queen from the famous kingdom who were visiting her country. But she kept asking why they brought her here.

“Is this the person that have hurt my son?” asked the king. “Yes, Your Majesty.” answered the officers. “I didn´t do anything that will harm the prince.” scream Charla hopelessly. “Are you sure young girl?” asked the king with glare in his eyes. “Of course not!” said Charla obviously. “Then have you ever seen this young man?” asked the king while he was pointing at someone who was lying in bed unconsciously.

Charla saw the beggar that she pushed few hours ago. She felt upset instead of feeling guilty for her behavior. “This is just a beggar, we should not have to exaggerate the problem!” she said with her pride. The king and queen became angrier because of her attitude. “This beggar is our son, you know, that every person that hurt a royal family member could be punished with a dead penalty.” said the king firmly. Suddenly, Charla she lost her strength to stand and she felt down on her knees.

The room became so silent, nobody was making any noise, only Charla started to cry after she realized what really happened. “I don’t know that he is the prince, if I know, I would not do it for sure. It was not my fault also, because i didn´t push him so hard. He lost his balance by himself, not because of me.” Charla tried to defend her self, her pride kept her from apologizing. It made the king and queen really mad.

“Police officers, you know what should do with this girl, we have no mercy on her.” said the king fiercely. Just right at that moment, Lotta rushed into the room. She bowed down at the front of king and queen and criesorryd, “Please forgive her, I am so sorry, it was an accident and it was my fault. If I walked carefully, this things wouldn´t happen. So it´s all my fault. If there is someone to be punished, that would be me, I am so sorry, so please forgive her, Your Majesty.” Lotta held the King´s leg and cried so hopelessly.

Everybody in that room was touched by Lotta, included Charla. It moved her so much, so she started to bow down and apologized, “It was my fault, not her, just let her go. I am so sorry for my mistake and I promise that I would become a better person if there is a chance for me.” Charla said seriously. “You have been forgiven.” said the prince who suddenly woke up and heard everything. The king and queen came closer to their son and they felt so relieved. “I forgive her, don´t punished her, she would learn something from this.” said the prince to his parents.

His parents agreed in one condition, Charla should work as social worker to help the poor people for one month. Charla also agreed to do it. She hugged  Lotta and thanked her. The kindness of the prince and the genuine act of Lotta had moved Charla’s heart, so she promised to her self to be a better person. She learnt something from Lotta also, sometimes she had to lower her pride, bowed her head and also her knee, and the most important thing was apologizing for her mistake. Defending her self in order to save her pride wouldn´t make things got better, even worse. She realized that admitting her mistake and learning from it, would make her became a better person. So she did it, that lesson of life made her becoming a more mature girl and she wasn´t arrogant anymore. She also treated Lotta with respect and nicely after that. Lotta realized also, sometimes people learnt something more from bad things more than good things, so that they won´t make the same mistake in the future.






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