The Recipe of Success

Today, I decided to make noodles for our meal. I have done so many times trial and error, before I found the perfect ingredients to make good noodles. Actually, making noodles isn´t that hard, we just have to find the right composition between flour and liquid. My friend taught me that every 250 gram of flour, we need 100 gram of liquid (with a comparison of 1:1, mixed from eggs and water, for example 50 ml water n 50 ml eggs). After trying this recipe, I can make noodle with the texture as I want now and finally I achieve the success of making noodle. I can´t count how many trials that I have made but failed.

While I was making noodles, suddenly some insight came to my mind. Sometimes, we give up after so many trials to achieve something. After all of the failures, we think that it´s impossible for us to achieve or we lose our spirit to achieve it. Perhaps, if we keep trying, it might not be impossible to be achieved or reached, or actually we are so close to the success, but unluckily we already give up first.

If I quit making noodles before, maybe I am not able to make good one now, but as I keep trying, I can. I know this is not a great achievement in life, it´s just noodle, but this achievement teaches me that I can do or I can achieve anything if I keep trying. So I find the perfect formula or ingredients of success that I would like to practice it in my daily life. The success need 50% of hard work/effort, 25% of strong will and persistence, and 25% of positive thinking.

The combination between strong will/persistence and positive thinking are just like water and eggs in the noodle dough that blend the flour into one solid integrity, so the noodles become elastic and stronger.

Of course we might find something that could be a barrier, for example, some part of my noodle machine was broken so I can´t cut the noodle with that machine. At the first time, it lowered my spirit, but as I have a strong will, I keep thinking another way to cut the dough, so I use knife. We just need to think out of the box when something blocked our way. I will keep this in my mind, so any time when I decide to give up on something, this insight will remind me.

Have a blessed day, people 🙂




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